Trending Faith: Is Public Healing Possible?

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Is public healing possible, or is it a hoax? Grand Canyon University Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin and Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, answered this question on this week’s episode of Trending Faith.

“There is a need for some critical thinking about what happens when it comes to how God heals and how He intervenes in our lives when it comes to physical issues,” Pastor Tim explained.

He went on to say he believes that in the digital age, sometimes people love the sensational and want to see something larger than life. He compared this to Jesus healing the sick, and people wanting Jesus to come to their villages to heal the sick to create faith and confidence in Him.

However, Pastor Tim also added: “I do believe that God heals. I think God has that ability and that desire and love to reach down into this world and this life, and touch us in miraculous and supernatural ways. … Does He always do it on command as you might see on television? I don’t think so.

“[But] God is a God of unbelievable power and mercy and grace. I think He does some pretty amazing things in the lives of people to bring about healing, whether it be physical or mental or spiritual or emotional.”

Hear the full discussion, including Dr. Hiles take on this subject, by watching the video below:

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