Weekly Devotional: God Loves the Little Moments with You

hand flipping through Bible

 “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Psalm 119:105

This morning I dragged myself out of bed fifteen minutes earlier than usual, did a workout from YouTube in my dorm room, made gingerbread spiced coffee from Trader Joes, drank a protein smoothie with my nose plugged and repeated the mantra “it’s good for you” over and over in my head (okay, it actually wasn’t that bad. I just like to be dramatic), and then sat down and did a Bible study. The chapter I was reading was a little longer than norma,l and I was taking my time, thus resulting in me sitting on the couch, balancing a cup of coffee on one knee, and my Bible on the other at 8:20 AM, still in my pajamas. Did I mention I had to leave for work at 8:30 AM?

Yet, I still took my time and finished my Bible study, did my makeup with Lauren Daigle on in the background and leisurely walked to my car. Sure, I forgot to take the garbage out, didn’t do my dishes, and left my room a mess, but all the little things didn’t make me feel complete or that my life was together.

The little moments with God did.

I find myself rushing through life and going from one thing to the next. I am always thinking ahead and planning for the future and what needs to get done. What assignments do I have due? What project do I need to finish? Did I update my portfolio? Is it time to submit my applications for internships? Did I get those letter of recommendations? Did I even drink water today?

My head is filled with questions and to-do lists and constantly in the process of checking things off. I hardly ever just sit down and do nothing. Even when it looks like I am just relaxing, I am thinking of everything I need to do.

However, when it is all said and done, these seemingly “important” things aren’t bringing me actual joy. They are just gifting me with more stress and worries. Sure, I love to write and work, but too much of it, and my head can be filled with chaos.

The only thing that can really settle my soul is Christ and spending time with Him. He wants to spend time with you and hear about your day, your worries and your wishes. He loves being with you. When you sit down and peacefully start your day with Him, it sets the tone and pace for the day.

I can drastically see the difference of my days when I spend it with Christ versus when I skip my time with Him for the world. He brings me love, peace, and relaxation. When I spend time in the Word, listening to Him and what He has to say to me, I feel complete and full. When I skip that time and go straight into my day, it feels chaotic, fear-inducing and I am running ragged because my soul is screaming to just stop and be in community with God.

The world may be spinning, but shouldn’t we focus more on the One who is making it move? The One who made the very thing that we are living on? No matter how crazy our lives may be and no matter what we are going through, it’s important to stop and take time to thank God for everything He has done for us and to spend time with Him.

We want to have a relationship with Him, not just a one-sided conversation. It all starts with being in his presence. Try it for the week and see how you feel. You will notice the difference.

Also, in case you were wondering, I made it to work on time.

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