The Benefits of Technology in Education

By Jessalyn Johnson

student doing homework on her bed

Technology is becoming one of the most necessary elements in our growing society. By incorporating technology in education, students and teachers are supplied with options and conveniences. Technology can make schoolwork easier for students to complete and provide more tools and resources for instructors.

Virtual Textbooks

As handheld devices and laptops have become mass-produced and the Internet has an innumerable amount of webpages and applications, it is easier than ever to have academic resources right at your fingertips. Although there is safety in the classic textbook, tablets and virtual textbooks may be here to stay.

Online High School Courses

While not every state offers online high school courses, many colleges offer courses online in addition to the traditional campus courses, offering students convenience and flexibility. For high schoolers, this luxury is extended to them in the form of virtual school, which is not only an extreme help to homeschool students but also students attending public high schools. Online classes expand students’ options, no longer limiting them to only the courses provided by available teachers within their school. By giving students this option, they can further prepare themselves for their future college career, giving them insight into how an online class is typically taught.

Advances in the Traditional Classroom

Teachers are continuing to grow in their technological knowledge in the classroom as well. With the introduction of Smart Boards, educational apps and classroom response systems (commonly known as “clickers”) into many classrooms across the country, teachers are able to engage with students in a creative and interactive way. Incorporating students in hands-on activities is made relatively simple with the inclusion of technology in education. Many teachers use clickers to survey classes and even to take quizzes for timely feedback.

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