Why get a Degree in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Christian Education

teacher helping children learn

This Bachelor of Science (BS) in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Christian Education degree program at GCU will help you learn how to be an elementary teacher from a faith-based perspective. You will develop the skills needed to guide children through an academic journey with a biblical perspective. You will study child and adolescent development in both theory and practice through class and field learning experiences.

Christian parents are looking to find schools that align with their belief systems and values. Many Christian schools are looking for people with Christian education degrees to meet those needs.

GCU students will take specialized courses in the biblical, philosophical and spiritual foundations of Christian development. The additional schooling meets the requirements of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

This program can lead to initial licensure in the field of elementary education. Instructional strategies, teaching methodologies, assessment techniques and Christian values and ethics are the core types of classes to obtain the degree.

What You Can Do With This Degree

With the degree in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Christian Education, teachers can teach in grade K-8 classrooms where they will deliver high-quality Christ-centered educational experiences.

With this degree you can find work as a:

  • Public elementary school teacher
  • Public middle school teacher
  • Christian elementary teacher
  • Christian middle school teacher
  • Director of religious education
  • Seminary teacher
  • Social services provider

Why Parents Choose Christian Schools

Here are some reasons why parents want to send their children to Christian schools:

  • God’s Word is taught
  • God commands us to teach kids through the Word
  • The school shares your Christian values
  • Safety: Christian schools offer a much safer emotional and spiritual environment. Teachers and faculty in the Christian schools tend to be more supportive and understanding.
  • Academic Achievement: Students at Christian schools consistently out-perform those who attend public school.
  • Teachers love and fear the Lord
  • Individual Attention: In addition to having a higher percentage of caring teachers, Christian schools can almost always offer more individual attention than public schools. Christian school class sizes tend to be smaller which allow for more individual attention.
  • Christian school educators teach all subject matter from a Christian context

Christian schools are continuing to grow and are looking for teachers who have the same Christian values as the school, and a degree in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Christian Education is the best degree to get if you are wanting to teach in a Christian school.

To learn more about how Grand Canyon University’s College of Education provides teachers with the tools to work with the youngest learners students for future success, and our Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Christian Education degree program visit our website or click the Request More Information Button on this page.

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