Undergraduate Theology Degrees

Explore Undergraduate Theology Degrees Grounded in Biblical Truth

The undergraduate theology degrees in the College of Theology allow you to gain a strong foundation in theological studies and ministerial preparation while receiving guidance from committed full-time faculty members. Aspiring ministers and Christian leaders are offered focused theological training that cultivates strong Christian character and fosters unity in Christ and love for one another. With curriculum grounded in biblical truth and our rich Christian heritage, our bachelor's degrees in theology can help you find your purpose and grow in your relationship with God.

College of Theology

If you have been called to ministry, then you will not find a better place than the College of Theology to grow in knowledge and wisdom as you develop character and skill for faithful ministry.

Campus Experience

Experience all that GCU has to offer with new classroom buildings, residence halls and more. GCU's Recording Studio and Songwriters' Lounge are particularly popular among worship arts students.

Online Theology Degree

By earning an online theology degree, you can enjoy the convenience of studying anytime, anywhere, while also receiving the same high-quality education you would expect from GCU.

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Worship Arts Degree

The worship arts degree program at GCU prepares you to lead contemporary worship in a variety of settings. Housed in our innovative Center for Worship Arts, these undergraduate theology degrees prepare you to minister in a Christian worship environment. Work with industry experts, worship leaders and academic scholars, record in the GCU Recording Studio and gain a strong foundation in theological studies, while following your passion for worship.

Media and Production

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The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Media and Production Ministry prepares you for a role in worship ministry by giving you a solid theological education while gaining valuable media skills.

Worship Ministry

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Connect with the worship industry, follow your passion for leading worship and gain a solid theological foundation with a Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Worship Ministry.

Christian Studies Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies provides strong groundwork in ministry and Christian leadership through foundational biblical and theological studies. This Christian studies degree examines the history of Christianity and the Christian worldview, while offering a deeper understanding of major world religions. Earn this theology degree without an emphasis, or choose from several emphases that help you find your purpose.

Christian Studies

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Gain a strong foundation in biblical studies, theology, Christian history and philosophy in order to communicate Christ to various audiences with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies.

Biblical Studies

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Study major portions of the Bible, and learn to teach the Bible to a variety of audiences in various settings with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies.

Global Ministry

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Prepare for cross-cultural ministry and mission work while developing knowledge through a theological education with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Global Ministry.


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The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Philosophy allows you to study ethics and philosophy of religion while gaining a comprehensive theological education.

Worship Leadership

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Explore the gospel and its implications within contemporary worship by developing leadership skills with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Worship Leadership.

Youth Ministry

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With a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Youth Ministry, you can help young men and women find Christ in their formative years and guide them through times of crisis.

What can I do with a theology degree?

Undergraduate theology degrees can lead to a number of fulfilling career opportunities. Many who earn a theology degree choose to work in the church or a Christian organization as a minister, Bible school teacher, missionary or worship coordinator. You may also choose to continue your education by earning a Master of Arts in Christian Studies or a Master of Divinity. GCU's Grand Canyon Theological Seminary is home to our graduate programs.

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