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Online EdD Programs

Build and sustain ever-changing organizations, and help them and their people succeed, with Grand Canyon University's (GCU) online EdD programs. Combine theories and research with past leadership practices to critically analyze and apply best practices moving forward within education, management, psychology or ministry. Choose from emphases ranging from K-12 education and higher education to healthcare administration and behavioral health.

GCU’s Doctor of Education – EdD online programs are embedded with research skills development throughout the curriculum. As a learner in one of our online doctorate programs, you have the opportunity to work on content expertise, with specially inserted dissertation milestones to give you the opportunity to complete the doctoral journey in as few as three years.

What is an EdD Online Degree?

EdD is an abbreviation for a Doctor of Education, which means the degree is typically awarded by a college of education. The EdD degree emerged in the 1920's as scholars began seeking doctoral degrees in professional fields. At GCU, the EdD is a leadership degree that helps you to apply current theories and research to new environments. At GCU, online EdD programs are offered by the College of Doctoral Studies.

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Online EdD in Special Education

Become a strategic education professional, a leader in special education or special education consultant with the EdD degree with an emphasis in special education.

Online EdD in Christian Ministry

For church leaders seeking to gain a deeper understanding in leadership principles, this online EdD degree in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Christian Ministry focuses on leadership theory with an emphasis on biblical stewardship.

Online EdD in K-12 Education

With the EdD online K-12 program, you will learn the principles of leading teachers, fiscal management strategies and the structure of contemporary K-12 educational systems.

Online EdD in Higher Education

Reflect critically on existing leadership theory, while focusing on the history, structure and governance of modern post-secondary institutions, with the EdD degree in higher education.

Online EdD in Healthcare Administration

In addition to gaining leadership skills, the EdD online healthcare administration program focuses on issues facing the healthcare industry, including regulation topics.

Online EdD in Organizational Development

Learn the leadership skills necessary to transform an organization for optimal success and growth with the EdD online with an emphasis in organizational development.

Online EdD in Behavioral Health

Focus on leadership and planning, with an emphasis on clinical supervision in behavioral health settings and intervention methods, with the EdD online in behavioral health.

Online EdD in Adult Learning

Earn an online EdD in adult teaching and learning, and help fellow educators reach their academic goals by becoming a highly effective instructor in master’s and doctoral programs.

Online Degree Programs

GCU's online Doctor of Education programs offer you the flexibility to study any time. With many of GCU's online doctorate programs, you will still attend in-person residencies to build relationships and enhance learning.

College of Doctoral Studies

Prepare to face the challenges in today's workplace with online doctoral programs from the College of Doctoral Studies. Join a community of faculty and scholars, and grow your passion for your field of study.

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