Bachelor's Theology Majors

Christian Studies, Christian Ministry and Worship Arts Majors Grounded in Biblical Truth

Grand Canyon University’s College of Theology offers bachelor’s theology majors that allow you to gain a strong foundation in theological studies and ministerial preparation, while receiving guidance from committed faculty members. Aspiring ministers and Christian leaders receive focused theological training that cultivates strong Christian character and fosters unity in Christ and love for one another. With curriculum grounded in biblical truth and our rich Christian heritage, our bachelor’s theology programs can help you find your purpose and grow in your relationship with God.

Choose GCU for Your Bachelor’s Theology Major

Grand Canyon University offers reputable theology programs that can provide you with a well-rounded basis of knowledge, potentially preparing you for a career in theology and strengthening your relationship with God. Explore on-campus and online theology majors to find a program that works best for you.

If you have been called to ministry, then GCU’s College of Theology can help you to grow in knowledge and wisdom as you develop character and skill for faithful ministry.

Experience all that GCU has to offer with modern classroom buildings, residence halls and more. GCU’s Recording Studio and Songwriters’ Lounge are particularly popular among worship arts majors.

By pursuing your theology major online, you can enjoy the convenience of studying anytime, anywhere, while also receiving the same quality education you would expect from GCU.

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BA in Christian Ministry Major

Build your foundation for pursuing vocational ministry with a BA in Christian Ministry from GCU. In this program, you can gain a theological education focusing on personal and professional development to pursue your calling with confidence. Explore contextualizing Christianity, apply biblical truths and position yourself to potentially prepare to lead others in their spiritual journeys with this degree.

Male BA in Christian Ministry major practicing vocational ministry skills

BA in Worship Arts Majors

Worship arts majors at GCU can learn to lead contemporary worship in a variety of settings. Housed in our Center for Worship Arts, these bachelor’s theology programs can prepare you to minister in a Christian worship environment. Work with industry experts, worship leaders and academic scholars, record in the GCU Recording Studio and gain a strong foundation in biblical and theological studies, while following your passion for worship.

Types of Christian Studies Majors at GCU

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies provides strong groundwork in ministry and Christian leadership through foundational biblical and theological studies. This Christian studies major biblical teaching and Christian theology, ministry and missions, while offering a spiritual formation and skill for serving others with grace and compassion. You can choose this bachelor’s theology degree major without an emphasis or choose from several Christian studies program emphases below that will help you find your purpose.

Explore Ways to Faithfully Teach the Bible to Others

Study major divisions of the Bible and learn to teach the Bible to a variety of audiences in various settings with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies.

Study Missions, World Religions and Cross-Cultural Engagement

Prepare for cross-cultural ministry and mission work while developing knowledge through a theological education with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Global Ministry.

Understand the Value of Philosophy and Ethics in Society

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Philosophy can allow you to study ethics, basic logic and philosophy of religion while gaining a comprehensive theological education.

Develop Leadership Skills While Exploring Theology of Worship

Explore the gospel and its implications within contemporary worship by developing leadership skills with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Worship Leadership.

Learn to Transform Young Lives with Biblical and Theological Insight

With a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Youth Ministry, you can help young men and women find Christ in their formative years and guide them through times of crisis.


Bachelor's theology major practicing piano with Canyon Worship at GCU

Bachelor’s Theology Degree Program FAQs

Our frequently asked questions are here to provide you with more information on earning your bachelor’s in theology degree. Read through our answers below to learn more.

Completing a bachelor’s degree in theology can open the door to a number of career opportunities that you may find fulfilling. Upon completing a theology major, individuals can explore work in the church or a Christian organization as a religious activities and education director or postsecondary philosophy and religion teacher. You may also choose to continue your education by pursuing a master's theology program. GCU’s Grand Canyon Theological Seminary is home to our graduate programs.

To study theology means to grow in the knowledge of God, his creation and his purpose for our lives. You will explore the Word of God, learn important biblical concepts, study biblical figures and gain a foundation of knowledge that is rooted in Christian doctrine. By studying theology, you’ll understand what it means to serve, love and educate others about God’s love.

Becoming a theology major may be an ideal choice if you aim to dedicate yourself to God and pursue a career in a church or religious organization. Theology majors gain important biblical concepts, build a theological foundation and strengthen their Christian character. The knowledge, awareness and insight you can gain from becoming a theology major is transferrable to careers in the church and is applicable to your own life and devotion to Christ.

Undergraduate theology degrees at GCU require 120 credits to completed. Depending on whether you decide to complete your theology major online or on campus, classes can range from 7 to 15 weeks per class.

Theology bachelor’s degrees are most commonly BA degrees. BA degree subject matter tends to focus on social sciences, humanities and arts and emphasizes concepts such as critical thinking, holistic learning and communication. In contrast, BS degrees can prepare you for more hands-on, technical careers in science, IT, math and engineering, to name a few.

Female worship arts student performing at GCU's Sunday chapel
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