Types of Business Degrees

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Students who want to become leaders can start by earning a business degree. There are many different programs with many different specialties, allowing students to pursue a variety of positions in the business world.

Here’s a look at a few of them.

Business and Management Bachelor Programs

Students that are just getting started in their educational journeys will want to consider business and management bachelor programs. Offered both online and on-campus, these bachelor programs are designed to help students gain critical thinking and leadership skills. The bachelor programs cover an assortment of topics and industries, allowing students to gain the skills needed to become a business professional in their chosen field.

Some of the bachelor’s in business and management degrees include:

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

This program teaches students about budgeting, auditing standards, ethical issues faced by auditors and financial statements preparation, as well as economics, marketing, taxation, business finance and statistics and other accounting topics.

With a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, students can become auditors, accountants, tax examiners and collectors or revenue agents.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Students who are interested in becoming business leaders or managers can benefit from earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. Topics covered in this program include business regulation and deregulation, finances, production systems, business planning and development, profit maximization and labor markets.

This degree can prepare graduates for a career as a CEO, sales manager, production manager, administrative manager or general and operations manager.

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Students who are interested in working in the financial world can benefit from earning a Bachelor of Science in Finance. This degree focuses on economics, investments, trade, securities and risks, portfolio management and banking and financial markets.

With these skills, graduates can become bankers, advisors, financial analysts, operations analysts, brokers, sales agents, financial planners or loan or credit officers.

Business and Management Master’s Degrees

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business, students that want to continue their education might want to consider one of the online MBA programs. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a great way for students to set themselves apart from their peers by gaining even more skills that can make them appealing candidates for careers in the business world.

There are various types of online MBA programs, including:

MBA in Accounting

The MBA in Accounting degree program is great for students who are interested in both finance and management. During this program, students will learn about microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts in contemporary business, analysis and interpretation of corporate financial reports and other topics relating to the fundamentals of accounting practices.

This degree can qualify students for careers as accounting managers, CFOs, business development managers and management analysts.

MBA in Cybersecurity

Many industries rely on information technology (IT), which is why cybersecurity is such an important field. The MBA in Cybersecurity program offers a link between the IT department and the boardroom. During their time in this program, students will study financial forecasting, cyber warfare and applications, strategic management, enterprise security infrastructure design, security solutions that align with business plans and more.

This type of degree can qualify graduates for many different career paths, such as operations manager, chief information officer, chief information security officer and senior project manager.

MBA in Health Systems Management

The MBA in Health Systems Management program helps students gain the skills needed to shape the growth of the medical industry. Topics covered in this program include health care policies and economics, legal and ethical principals in health care, managerial decision-making and more.

Students that complete this program can pursue many different careers, including roles as health care consultants, nursing home administrators, directors of health care services, chief operations officers and more.

Doctoral Business and Management Programs

If students are ready to earn the highest level of business education, they can check out Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs.

There are different types of doctoral programs available:

DBA with an Emphasis in Data Analytics

This program helps students enhance their leadership skills as well as their analytical reasoning skills. This degree, DBA in Data Analytics, can help students pursue a variety of job opportunities, including a chief executive officer, chief data officer, data scientist, data engineer and more.

DBA with an Emphasis in Marketing

Students who are interested in marketing and the role it plays in the business world can gain more research and communication skills through this program. After earning a degree in DBA in Marketing, students can pursue careers as senior management consultants, market research directors, chief marketing officers and chief innovation officers.

Grand Canyon University offers a variety of online business degree and management degree programs. With many different levels and areas of interest to choose from, students can find the program that will help them achieve their business career goals. Whether you are seeking to earn your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree, you can find an engaging and exciting program here at GCU. If you would like to learn more about our business degrees, please click the Request More Information button at the top of this page.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.

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