5 Signs You Will Enjoy a Career in Accounting

Two men working in an accounting office

People who enjoy mathematics are often drawn to the accounting field. But, proficiency in math is not the only skill you will need to succeed as an accountant. Effective accounting professionals are excellent communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers who are well-versed in many aspects of business strategies. Although the field can be demanding, you may find a career in accounting rewarding if you possess the following traits and goals:

You are Interested in a Lucrative Career Field

Financial stability is an attractive prospect for people thinking of entering the accounting field. If you choose to pursue a master’s degree in accounting, you have the potential to earn an even higher salary. A financially rewarding career gives you the opportunity to give back to your community through charitable endeavors.

You Like the Idea of Job Security and Advancement Opportunities

Accounting is widely recognized as a recession-proof career. And since accountants are needed all over the country, you might be able to live and work wherever you please. If the idea of professional advancement opportunities appeals to you, then you will likely enjoy your chosen career. Some accountants decide to specialize in managerial accounting, financial accounting, forensic accounting or auditing. And of course, there will likely continue to be a high demand for tax accountants.

You Think You Might Like to be an Entrepreneur

Accounting is not often seen as a flexible major because many people who graduate with accounting degrees do indeed become accountants. However, this degree is far more versatile than you might think. When you graduate, you might find entry level work in the office of a CPA. Or, you might work for a major corporation, charitable organization or municipal government. You could also decide to start your own firm. If the idea of being your own boss and running your own office appeals to you, then you will appreciate the flexibility of an accounting degree. Your business might work directly with individual clients, or you might decide to start a consulting firm to provide services to corporations, such as external auditing.

You Have a Great Eye for Details

Do you tend to notice little details that other people do not? Are you adept at sifting through piles of paperwork? A career in accounting is an excellent choice for people who enjoy diving into detailed financial statements and spreadsheets.

Continuing Education Appeals to You

Accountants tend to be highly devoted to continuing education opportunities, especially tax accountants. The tax code and other financial regulations are subject to change over time, and you will need to stay on top of those changes. If you enjoy learning new things, it might be time to consider an accounting degree.

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