Core Courses in the Master of Science in Leadership Program

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Featuring small, dynamic learning environments in which students discuss topics like succession planning, management approaches and organizational politics, Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Leadership introduces students to executive skills and servant leadership foundations.

Offered by the Colangelo College of Business, this master’s in leadership explores what practices and traits empower today’s leaders. Also, its coursework focuses on helping students improve their communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. If you’re interested in GCU’s Master of Science in Leadership, then continue reading to learn about some of the program’s core courses.

MGT-605: Leadership and Organizations

Designed to familiarize students with the Colangelo College of Business, this course covers essential leadership concepts and the link between the science of organizational behavior and effective management and leadership.

LDR-600: Leadership Styles and Development

In this course, learners study leadership models and theories by examining them through different viewpoints and insights. How these models and theories can improve leadership in organizations is also explored.

LDR-630: Servant Leadership

While completing this course, students in our Master of Science in Leadership program learn about servant leadership, what differentiates servant leaders from other leaders and how to foster interdependency in organizations by focusing on the needs of others.

HRM-635: Acquiring, Developing, and Leveraging Human Capital

Effective and strategic management of human capital can cause one organization to succeed where another might fail. In this course, you will examine workforce diversity, talent management, employee motivation and development, succession planning and performance matrix. The powerful HR acumen that learners acquire from this course can prepare them for general manager and senior human resource specialist positions.

LDR-655: Leadership Capstone

The leadership capstone is the culminating experience for students in the Master of Science in Leadership program. Learners will lead an organization or community-based project to demonstrate their leadership skills and contribute to their professional portfolio.

Are you ready to learn more about how Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Leadership can help you achieve your career goals? If so, then visit the Colangelo College of Business website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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