Lope Life: Entrepreneurial Spirit Moves Tim Kelley

tim kelley gives a speech

Colangelo College of Business faculty member Tim Kelley became an entrepreneur at nine years-old. He has done everything from mowing lawns, to owning a top-ranked real estate business.

Currently, he and his wife oversee multiple businesses involving construction, Spanish immersion preschools and a private equity fund.

Kelley first became involved with Grand Canyon University as an online adjunct in 2009. Since then, he has started Canyon Angels in collaboration with the Colangelo College of Business. This organization strives to be a channel for investors to make successful investments in young entrepreneurs.

Researching and asking questions about what is happening in the world is what Kelley enjoys most about his career. He believes that it is extremely fulfilling to share visions and stories of businesses, and inspire students to realize their individual potential to dictate their destiny.

Hear more from Kelley by checking out the video below:

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