Spotlight on MBAs in the Nonprofit Sector

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For professionals with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), it’s customary to work in the private sector. Opportunities in the C-suite can be both personally fulfilling and lucrative. However, there are also plenty of MBA graduates who choose meaningful work in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations must be skillfully led and carefully operated in order to further their objectives and MBA graduates are suitably positioned to take the helm.

Qualifications for Nonprofit Sector Opportunities

The skills you’ll learn in an MBA program will translate well to the nonprofit sector. These entities are in need of strong, insightful leadership and expert financial management. While an MBA degree is one common pathway to a meaningful career, another possibility you might want to consider is the MPA. The Master in Public Administration is similar to an MBA program but with a greater focus on policy analysis and implementation. It’s ideal for professional learners who are leaning toward the nonprofit sector.

Hiring Considerations in the Nonprofit Sector

Many MBA graduates prefer to look for opportunities in private corporations because of the lucrative compensation packages available there. While many nonprofits aren’t able to compete with businesses with regards to salary, there are other perks to taking a job at a charitable organization. It’s usually easier for a recent MBA or MPA graduate to obtain a high-level job at a nonprofit, whereas at a major corporation, a recent MBA graduate may need to put in many years at the company before making it to the C-suite. In addition, some nonprofits have begun realizing that it’s worth the investment to pay larger salaries to MBA and MPA holders, given the high-level leadership these professionals will bring to the organization.

Benefits of a Career in the Nonprofit Sector

By the time you arrive at the point in your career at which you’re thinking of earning your MBA or MPA, you’ve likely already realized that there are more important things than commanding the highest possible salary. It’s arguably more significant to do work that you genuinely enjoy, particularly if that work also contributes to the good of society. MBA graduates who work in the nonprofit sector are rewarded with immeasurable intangibles, such as the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing one’s work is making a positive difference in the world. Another way that working in the nonprofit sector can be personally fulfilling is the intellectual challenge of the work. In the private sector, the overriding objectives are to make the business as profitable as possible and to ensure its long-term stability. In the nonprofit sector, executives enjoy the intellectual stimulation of finding creative solutions that utilize resources in a way that maximizes the positive impact.

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