Where Organizational Leadership Grads Find Work

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Organizational leadership jobs are plentiful in an age where businesses are looking for people who can enhance effectiveness and productivity. An organizational leadership grad is someone who is ready to work in a dynamic field. They are able to understand both how people work individually and as a team, how departments work together, and how the business as a whole can be successful. They do this by having clear visions of what success means and then building a strategy to bring that vision to reality. Along the way they work to ensure that employees are fully bought in to the work.

Organizational leadership careers allow grads to use the leadership skills they have successfully developed in their educational training and programming. These skills include excellent communication, business planning, delegation, versatility, team-building, problem solving and decision-making.

Some of the best organizational leadership jobs are found in industries such as finance, technology, sales, human resources, marketing and health care. But just about every industry is looking for qualified organizational leaders. Organizational leadership careers can be found in the public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors.

The Best Organizational Leadership Jobs


An organizational leadership grad is able to work in business consulting. They suggest improvements to organizational policies and business practices in order to improve efficiency and profitability. They use their understanding of data and analytics to show organizations the exact areas that need work.

Insurance Underwriters

Because of their interpersonal skills and knowledge of how people work, organizational leaders make great insurance underwriters. That job requires the underwriter to decide whether a prospective customer will be able to receive an insurance policy and what the terms of that policy should be. Organizational leaders are great in this role when they have a business, finance or economics background.

Project Managers or Coordinators

One organizational leadership career that makes a lot of sense is project management. Project managers are responsible for planning, supervising and executing a project. They often work in the tech and construction industries. They make sure that tasks are completed on time, that people know what their roles are and that final projects meet initial criteria. Organizational leaders will excel in project management roles because of their ability to work with people and across departments.

Human Resource Managers

An organizational leader knows how to work with people. HR managers plan and direct the functions in an organization that have to deal with employees. They recruit and onboard new employees and they make sure that existing employees are performing well. These skills match an organizational leader’s education and knowledge exactly making HR an excellent organizational leadership career path.

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