Advantages of an Online or Evening Doctoral Ministry Degree

doctoral student earning an online ministry degree

What Is an EdD in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Christian Ministry?

Studying for an Organizational Leadership Doctorate in Ministry – Quantitative or an Organizational Leadership Doctorate in Ministry – Qualitative degree builds familiarity with many skills and concepts related to leadership and the biblical principles along with an understanding of how to apply these concepts to ministry. These degree programs equip learners to help others grow in their ministry in accordance with their personal calling.

The programs develop leadership abilities relevant to a wide range of careers, including leading or directing a faith-based or nonprofit organization or taking positions in a college or university. Classes prepare future leaders to fulfill these positions successfully by exploring relevant research, the Bible and events in today’s world. How these affect those in positions of leadership in a central theme of the degree program.

Perks of a Doctoral Program

Having a doctoral degree shows an intense desire to learn and grow. Attaining such a degree reflects a work ethic and a devotion to reaching the highest level of learning that is impressive to potential employers. An EdD degree also shows a hunger to become a leader. Doctoral students can advance toward career goals while growing in knowledge and skills. Evening and online doctoral programs also allow for personal research and study to extend understanding even further. An evening or online program provides the flexibility for individuals with a heart for ministry and service to reap the benefits of a doctoral program.

Biblical Viewpoint

This online ministry degree includes courses that explore the biblical principles of leadership and their application to the world and to the ministry of the organization. It equips learners with helpful tools to handle situations that may arise when leading an organizational ministry. Topics explored in these courses include organizational culture, ministry and church leadership. Courses also prepare learners to write dissertations. These courses are designed to incorporate a Christian worldview and support learners as leaders and people of faith.

Leadership and Mentorship

An EdD in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Christian Ministry helps leaders and mentors develop their potential. Earning this degree not only hones learners’ abilities to serve as church leaders and mentors, it also affords the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and insight of leaders who are advanced in the field.

Flexible Online or Evening Environment

Evening and online options are available for taking classes in this doctoral program. Evening classes include face-to-face interaction with classmates and professors which allow busy individuals to connect while still managing their lifestyle and schedule. Online classes do not require learners to meet at a specific location and time and so are a convenient alternative for those with less travel or scheduling flexibility who still want to earn a degree. Both are effective options that give learners control over their educational experience.

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