EdD Careers for Organizational Leadership Graduates

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If you’re thinking about career advancement, you may have considered earning a doctoral degree, such as a Doctor of Education (EdD). For example, an EdD in Organizational Leadership may prepare you to pursue a range of EdD careers in fields such as education and Christian ministry. Take a closer look at potential jobs for EdD in Organizational Leadership graduates here.

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EdD Careers in Education

If you are passionate about education, consider earning an EdD with an emphasis in special education, higher education leadership or K-12 leadership. Doctoral learners may choose to enroll in these programs to have opportunities to advance their knowledge and gain further insight into the field of education. 

With a foundation of competencies in education-related organizational leadership, individuals may choose to pursue roles in areas such as elementary, secondary or college administration, social services and school teaching. Please note, these doctoral programs do not lead to licensure.

What Can You Do With an EdD in Christian Ministry?

For those who desire to have a career in ministry, an emphasis in Christian ministry may be a good fit. For active Christian leaders and pastors, this program may provide a pathway toward pursuing seminary, but is not in itself a seminary program, or ministry leadership.

This program offers you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of leading, managing and guiding Christian organizations like ministries while furthering your knowledge in academia and research. Pursuing this doctoral degree may be a great step toward continuing your vocation in the church.

Take a closer look at what you can do with an EdD in the Christian ministry field and what you can expect from an EdD in Organizational Leadership that focuses on Christian ministry.

Potential Jobs for EdD in Organizational Leadership Graduates

GCU’s doctorate in ministry can prepare learners for seminary or discipleship and teaches you the skills to help effect change and become a Christian leader. If you’re wondering where further education might take you, then consider some of these potential career paths:

  • Minister of adult discipleship
  • Christian program coordinator
  • Director of development
  • Education projects coordinator
  • Director of outreach
  • Worship leader
  • Children’s ministry director

Christian Ministry Program Content

This online degree program is designed to enable church leaders and pastors to pursue their passion for the Christian faith, develop their Christian leadership skills and prepare for entry into seminary or ministry leadership. Here are some examples of topics covered in this program’s coursework:

  • Seminal leadership theories
  • Ethical principles and leadership practice
  • Leadership in disciple-making
  • Foundational elements for original research
  • Theology of leadership
  • Christian ministry, culture and community
  • Trends and issues in Christian ministry
  • Leadership and the execution of strategy in organizations
  • Leading global and diverse workforces

Healthcare Administration

Choosing to earn an emphasis in healthcare administration can help you work toward career advancements within the healthcare field. Those who graduate with this degree may pursue potential careers in medical or health services, specifically in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations. Within the healthcare administration field, leaders may be called upon to improve operational efficiency, improve the quality of patient care and ensure the proper support of clinicians and other staff members. 

Why Earn an EdD in Organizational Leadership From GCU?

If you are a professional looking to earn a doctoral degree, an EdD in Organizational Leadership may be a great choice. At Grand Canyon University, you will have the opportunity to choose the specific EdD emphasis that may help you pursue your career goals. Here are some more reasons to earn your EdD in Organizational Leadership from GCU:

Explore Doctoral Research

By earning an EdD from GCU, you will be taught to apply research to actual issues in organizations and educational institutions. You will have the opportunity to dive deeper into existing research, and use it to create solutions that can lead to better practices in your field of study or your own business or organization. You will also be guided to use the existing research to assist you in conducting your own original research, which you will present in your doctoral dissertation.

Follow Your Passion

When it comes to earning your doctorate in organizational leadership, GCU offers many different emphases to choose from. For example, if you feel led to go into the leadership of a church or nonprofit organization, consider the EdD with an emphasis in Christian ministry.

Or, if you have a desire to solve leadership issues in healthcare, the EdD with an emphasis in healthcare administration may be a great option for you. Furthermore, if you are passionate about education, you can specialize in K-12 leadership or special education. These are just some of the many EdD emphases to choose from at GCU. 

At Grand Canyon University, you can pursue your dream of earning your doctoral degree. Apply today for enrollment in the Education in Organizational Leadership degree programs, including the higher education leadership emphasis, and prepare to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field through your own original research project. Complete the form on this page to learn more. 

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