Course Preview: DBA with an Emphasis in Marketing

Businessman addressing an audience of investors

Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with an Emphasis in Marketing is designed to transform individuals into effective and empowered business leaders and executives. Continue reading to discover some of the core courses that learners complete while earning this marketing doctoral degree.

DBA-820: Emerging Issues in Financial Management

In this course, students are introduced to theories and frameworks that affect financial decision-making and they also explore issues that face administrators in today’s dynamic business environment.

MKT-832: Digital Technology and Consumer Behavior

Students in GCU’s marketing DBA program study digital communications practices as they relate to integrated marketing communications.

MKT-830: The History and Philosophy of Marketing

While completing this course, learners examine marketing history and philosophy, legal and ethical considerations and today’s emerging marketing strategies.

MKT-834: Data-Driven Marketing Management

This course introduces learners to the essential roles of data and information in marketing and management decision-making.

RES-861: Analysis of Existing Research

In this course, learners study the process of systemic literature review and how to create a structure for analyzing prior research.

DBA-815: Economics for Business Decisions

Students in this course study the four market structures and learn how to apply microeconomic principles to business problems.

MKT-838: Complexity of Marketing

Marketing strategies are widely-used tools for creating competitive advantages in business, and this course looks at the complexity of implementing these approaches.

DBA-835: The Sustainable Future

Obtaining organizational sustainability through innovation and competitive advantage is the focus of this course and students examine what leadership capabilities are needed to promote innovation in organizations along with how to apply innovative ideas to the sustainability of an organization.

Grand Canyon University’s Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing can prepare you to become an effective and data-driven business executive. You can discover more about this program by clicking the Request More Information button on this page or visiting the College of Doctoral Studies website.

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