How to Prepare for a Doctoral Degree after Taking Time Off

Female doctoral student browses the GCU website

Pursuing a doctoral degree can be tough, especially if you took time off from school to gain work experience. Here are several tips to help you prepare for a doctoral degree so that you can begin your doctoral journey with confidence:

Take One Step at a Time

With any large task, it is best to take it one step at a time. Begin by doing research on the schools that you are interested in attending. Find out if your schools of interest have the program you are searching for and if they offer traditional or online doctoral programs.

Next, examine the doctoral admission requirements. If you are qualified, then apply! These may seem like simple tasks, but by completing the first few steps, you will already be one step closer to beginning your doctoral journey!

Make a Schedule

You are probably used to moving quickly from working in your field of expertise, but starting on the first day of your doctoral program, you will be thrown into a fast-paced, accelerated environment. Be ready to use your critical thinking and analytical skills.

To help maintain the balance between work, classes and your personal life, you may want to consider making a schedule. Considering setting aside certain times each week to answer discussion questions or work on assignments from your classes.

Come Eager to Learn

Even though traditional and online doctoral programs can be fast-paced, it is a remarkable experience at the end of the day. If you keep a positive, eager-to-learn attitude throughout your journey, then you will truly enjoy every second of your program. It can be exciting to further your education and see how your newfound knowledge can be applied to your career.

Build Your Connections

If you are feeling nervous about going back to school to earn your doctoral degree, chances are you are not the only one! There will most likely be several others in your program who are in the same boat as you. Whether you attend class on campus, in the evening or online, do not be afraid to network and connect with other learners to collaborate and keep each other accountable. It is also important to work closely with your faculty members, as they are there to help you pursue your academic goals!

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