Non-University Jobs for EdD Graduates

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A doctoral degree can prepare you for many different career paths. Many students who earn doctoral degrees plan to work in higher education as professors. This type of work may especially appeal to students earning a doctorate in education (EdD). However, there are many non-university positions for EdD graduates looking for work in different environments.

1. Chief Learning Officer

Online education programs are a big business right now. They often employ chief learning officers in senior-level professional roles to develop and drive learning strategies for the organization. Education tech companies are not the only companies hiring people into this c-suite role. Any organization that is focused on learning and training may hire a chief learning officer to ensure that critical business goals are met and that employee and consumer learning remains at the heart of programming.

2.  Superintendent

The top role in a school district is the superintendent. They oversee budgeting, staffing, infrastructure, spending and educational programming. They set up the professional culture of the district, which then trickles down into schools. Superintendents are the face of the district when engaging with communities. They develop and implement new policies and programs that help achieve educational goals for the children in the community.

3.  Principal

Elementary, middle and high school principals are the head decision makers at the local school level. They handle hiring of teachers and staff, managing the budget, enforcing rules and setting the tone for educational programming at the school. They monitor student learning outcomes and work with parents and the community to foster positive learning experiences. EdD graduates who focus on school administration can usually find roles as principals.

4. Executive Director

Many nonprofit organizations, even those not specifically focused on education, have executive directors in charge of education. People in this role lead a nonprofit or business and manage the policies, programs and strategies related to the organization's educational policies. They may work with volunteers and handle external relations to ensure that there is community involvement in the educational programming offered.

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