Preparing for an Online EdD Program

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You can further your skills and learn how to create and support dynamic organizations by enrolling in an online EdD program from Grand Canyon University. These programs are designed to cultivate research skills and advance the abilities of our learners, offering expert content from authorities in their associated disciplines and a dissertation process that begins early in the coursework. GCU’s EdD programs are terminal leadership degrees available in a variety of emphases, such as behavioral health, Christian ministry and healthcare administration. If you are interested in beginning an online EdD program at GCU, then consider the following preparation tips:

Focus on Time Management

While you may be eager to dive into your advanced education so that you may further your career and broaden your skillset, it is important to think about how you will manage your time before starting your online EdD program. To help set yourself up for success, plan to dedicate about 20 hours to your doctoral program each week.

Develop a Support System

Pursuing a rigorous online EdD program is sure to present you with challenges along the way. For this reason, it is critical that you create a support network of people, such as friends, family and colleagues, who can support you in periods of difficulty.

Allow Time to Unwind

The online EdD programs from GCU are designed with the working adult in mind. However, to help avoid burnout, it is important that you allow for time to spend with your family and friends throughout your doctoral journey. Because of this, you may benefit from setting aside one day each week that is reserved for relaxing and socializing.

If you are ready to discover more about the variety of online EdD programs that we offer at Grand Canyon University, then head to the College of Doctoral Studies website or click on this page’s Request More Information button.

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