Should I Get a PhD in Psychology?

Woman counseling a child

In the field of psychology, there are many career opportunities. By choosing to further your education in psychology and earn a doctoral degree, you can increase the career opportunities available to you.

Grand Canyon University offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in General Psychology with emphases which give learners the opportunity to explore different possible career paths:

Career Opportunities

With a PhD in psychology, you will be provided with the tools and resources needed to excel in the career of your choosing. It is important to know what you want out of your program. As a learner in a PhD program, you will have opportunities in professional and academic areas. Some of the careers a PhD in Psychology can help with are:

  • Forensic psychologist: Play an important part in the legal system by providing psychological expertise in court cases, informing juries and evaluating motives in crimes.
  • Social worker: Assist clients in a specialized capacity, working with individuals, families and communities.
  • Instructional psychologist: Study learning processes in educational settings to improve instruction.
  • Behavior analysis specialist: Help clients with disabilities, learning or social impairment through counseling services.
  • Rehabilitation counselor: Help clients who have disabilities to form and achieve their goals.

In addition to these career opportunities, you can also go into psychology administration or work towards a management position. By obtaining a doctoral degree, you will have a larger pool of professional opportunities waiting for you!

Is a PhD in Psychology a Good Fit for You?

Grand Canyon University offers engaging and rigorous PhD programs, but it is important to consider whether a PhD in Psychology is necessary for your goals before putting in the time and effort. Many professionals enter important careers in psychology without an advanced degree, often meeting qualifications through additional training and internships. A PhD is a good option for those who have in interest in counseling alongside a desire to contribute to the academic aspect of psychology.

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