6 Reasons to Earn an IT Degree

Connor Johnson

information technology degree student learning from their professor

Are you considering picking up an information technology degree? The field has been experiencing a boom in the number of jobs recently and IT professionals are making a huge difference. Below are six reasons to consider becoming an IT professional.

1. Plenty of Career Options

One of the major benefits of pursuing an IT degree is the many job paths that can be explored. These include careers such as cybersecurity, network administrator and soc technician. A BS in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Cybersecurity prepares students who wish to protect confidential information. Any student can find their interests in this industry and try new paths they never considered. Unlike other degrees, information technology provides a vast number of niches that can fit new employee's strengths.

2. Booming Job Opportunities

In any economic climate, IT professionals will always be needed by businesses. With the rapid growth of technological advancement, many businesses need employees to run and monitor their computer networks. Not only are more companies hiring Network Administrators but are hiring for security positions as well. This uptick in cybersecurity jobs is due to the increased number of cyber-attacks in recent years.

3. Financial Security

One of the common points of reference when discussing work in technology is that the jobs pay well. This is accurate due to the increased need for tech-literate manpower by many businesses. Careers in IT also tend to be financially rewarding.

4. Purpose

Finding a purposeful career can be hard in an ever-evolving job market. However, the purpose is clear in the information technology sector. With threats from hackers, it is important to create networks and staff that can be ready to protect from malicious intent. Information technology can prepare students to take the first steps to build and monitor better connections. Coupled with a large employee gap, this makes any IT professional more valuable.

5. Opportunities for Innovation

Every year, new software and computers come into the market to give buyers a better online experience. However, there is still room for innovation in the IT world. Anyone interested in learning how to create new apps or experiences can get a head start with information technology. The Cybersecurity program introduces students to everything from the basics of networking to programming languages like Python and SQL, giving a well-rounded experience in all things cyber.

6. Always Learning and Growing

With an ever-growing online community and improving infrastructure, many things are bound to change in the upcoming decades. Lifelong learners can expect to always be able to discover new things and have an exciting career. Many professionals get certifications to help expand their resume and knowledge for their dream job in tech. By taking classes, you’ll be able to better grasp the material on the test and have a solid chance of acing those exams.

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