Benefits to Earning your STEM Degree Online

STEM Major working at a laptop in office setting

Grand Canyon University’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology offers a variety of STEM degrees for working professionals and students transferring with an associate degree or other college credits. With the STEM field growing faster than ever before, read more about all the reasons why you should complete an online STEM degree.


Students can often set their own pace when completing online coursework. For working professionals and other busy students, this makes online classes easy to fit into your daily schedule. Coursework can be done from any location and accessed at any time of the day. You can earn your degree without even leaving your couch! The lack of a commute to and from campus adds convenience while saving time and gas money.


Grand Canyon University offers many of our STEM degrees online. Options include our BS in Computer Programming, which focuses on programming skills as well as communication and critical thinking. Also consider our BS in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Cyber Security. This curriculum focuses on the relationships between cyber defense, cyber operations, and cyber law, emphasizing problem-solving and technical writing skills. Visit our website to see which STEM degrees are the best fit for what you’re looking for.


The online modality at GCU offers opportunities for personalized interaction, feedback and mentoring. Online discussions ensure that every student is connected with like-minded classmates as well as our dedicated and invested full-time faculty members and fully trained adjunct instructors. Our faculty is committed to helping each and every student grow and succeed, whether on-ground or online, and are just as digitally-minded as students are.


Today, telecommunication in the workplace is more prevalent than ever, with online degrees providing valuable experience in this area. For example, most modern IT infrastructure occurs in a hybrid environment, with some work happening in-person and some in the cloud, meaning online IT classes can prepare students for the reality of working remotely in their field.

With current technologies such as LMS, video conference and the option to share screens during office hours, the modern avenues of communication available not only ensure students are comfortable with working online, but that they are gaining the cutting-edge knowledge they need to succeed in a career in science, engineering or technology.

To learn more about our flexible and affordable online degree programs offered through the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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