Brian Mueller Honored for STEM Programs

By Jessica Meyer

Brian Mueller Guest speaker

It is no secret that Grand Canyon University President and CEO Brian Mueller works incredibly hard to strive for growth and success within GCU’s campus and community. One of his most recent awards was the 2015 “Non-Member” of the year by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Phoenix Section. He was recognized for his leadership in expanding STEM programs at GCU, offering affordable education and revitalizing West Phoenix socially and economically.

Mueller led GCU towards a world of opportunities when the new College of Science, Engineering and Technology was introduced. GCU faculty members have been meeting regularly with 40 industry advisers to ensure that students receive a top-notch, quality education that is relative to the needs of today’s workforce. To help accommodate the new STEM students, GCU opened a new, cutting-edge STEM building in August, and a second STEM building is scheduled to open in fall 2016.

About GCU’s STEM Programs

Grand Canyon University provides STEM program curriculum remains adaptable, as new developments are continuously being introduced within STEM industries. Students enrolled in the STEM programs receive a quality education, as well as continual institutional program improvement.

At GCU, a variety of degree programs are available in STEM fields. Students can choose to pursue a degree in fields like biomedical engineering, computer programming, information technology, biology and more. GCU students can also choose between several degrees offered on campus or conveniently online. Regardless of modality, all programs aim to assist students in developing broad, critical thinking and interpersonal skills while building strong technical skills. In addition, GCU helps students get the most out of their education by integrating studies across multiple colleges and scholastic disciplines.

GCU offers several opportunities for STEM students to get involved. Clubs allow students to engage in cross-disciplinary learning and network with like-minded peers. A few of the clubs include, Engineering Club, Pi-Oneers Math Club and Student Wellness and Health Association. Furthermore, internships in STEM fields allow students to apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Opportunities in STEM Fields

GCU STEM graduates learn top skills employers are searching for in today’s workforce, such as collaboration, creativity and social awareness. These skills are extremely important to acquire when entering a field that is in high demand. With GCU’s curriculum, graduates can feel confident in their abilities and thrive within the career of their dreams.

It is clear that Brian Mueller’s dedication to GCU’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology is paying off as GCU’s STEM programs continue to flourish. To learn more about Grand Canyon University and the opportunities available to you, visit our website today!

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