Is a Cyber Security Degree Worth It?

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With many careers available in tech, you might ask yourself, “Is a cybersecurity degree worth it?” Cybersecurity is already an important aspect of information technology fields and the need for it is growing rapidly. Large corporations have become victims to hackers in the last several years proving the need for cybersecurity professionals.

In addition to personal information being retrieved in corporate hacks, hospitals and other healthcare organizations have accidentally exposed patient information. These cyberattacks not only make life for corporations difficult, but they can be costly for individuals whose identities have been stolen due to the breach of information.

As people use the internet for more of their regular interactions, the reliance on technology will continue to grow. This results in an increased need for cybersecurity measures. If you are asking yourself, “Is a cyber security degree worth it?” the answer may be yes if you are interested in using your technology skills to help people and organizations stay safe online.

Is a Cyber Security Degree Worth It? Six Questions to Ask

1. Are There Jobs?

Career options are an important factor to consider when entering a cybersecurity degree program. You want to feel confident that you can find work once you earn your one word degree. The good news is that cybersecurity and similar information technology careers are on the rise.

2. Which Industries Need Cybersecurity Experts?

Cybersecurity degree graduates are needed in all fields. Any organization that has a digital presence needs some type of information security. If you know that you want to go into a field such as health care or international business, you can be sure you will find open jobs in those areas. However, do not discount other fields such as education, insurance and even e-commerce.

Businesses want to ensure that their customers’ personal banking information remains safe. Healthcare is another field that has a high need for cybersecurity professionals. Electronic health records need to stay secure to be sure that patient information stays private.

3. Who Can Get a Cybersecurity Job?

After graduating with a cybersecurity degree, you will want to find a job right away. That can sometimes be tough in an economy where many other people are also looking for work. However, the cybersecurity field needs good candidates. There are not enough qualified cybersecurity professionals to meet the current demand.

If you're wondering if a cybersecurity degree is worth it, career prospects may be the most important factor to consider. Not only will you be able to work in any field you choose, but you should be able to break into the field more easily because of the need for people with your training.

4. What Does it Take To Get Cybersecurity Job?

There are many open cybersecurity jobs because organizations are looking for qualified candidates. A qualified candidate is generally considered someone with at least a bachelor's degree. In most career fields, the higher your degree level, the more employable you are. Cybersecurity is no different.

5. Are There Opportunities for Career Advancement?

Earning a cybersecurity degree will allow you to find work as a cybersecurity professional especially because you will be considered a qualified candidate. But you will not be stuck in an entry-level position for very long. So, once you complete your first few years of work as a cybersecurity specialist, you will likely have your pick of jobs.

6. Is There Value in a Cybersecurity Master’s Degree

While you can break into cybersecurity with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree in cybersecurity can help you advance your career. With this advancement you may receive a substantial raise as well. Also, a master’s degree will help open up many more job opportunities throughout your career.

You should consider enrolling in a class toward the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree program at Grand Canyon University. You might discover that your interest in tech can be used toward helping the greater good. To start your educational journey at our Christian college, click on the Request Info button at the top of your screen for more details.

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