What Can You Do with a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology?

person working on electrical engineering

Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology degree offers students immediately applicable hands-on training and industry knowledge. This program is an alternative to traditional engineering degrees, which place a heavy emphasis on math and science. Continue reading to learn about what you can do with a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology:

Work as an Electrical Engineering Technologist

Electrical engineering technologists often work in engineering and manufacturing service sectors of the engineering industry, where they assist electrical engineers. Some of the tasks that an electrical engineering technologist may be responsible for include creating material and budget estimates, planning project timelines and testing, repairing and calibrating electrical systems and equipment. These professionals also maintain, design and install electrical communication and control systems.

Support Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering technologists often analyze costs of production and conduct statistical studies for engineering designs. Also, they aid electrical engineers by assembling devices and electrical components, preparing and reviewing maintenance standards, assisting with research and setting up and operating testing equipment.

Handle a Range of Electrical Engineering Tasks

Although the primary role of an electrical engineering technologist is to assist electrical engineers, they may also work independently. These professionals install and maintain control circuits, variable speed drives, industrial automation systems and programmable logic controllers.

Function in Varied Electrical Engineering Environments

Electrical engineering technologists apply their knowledge of electrical theory in business, industry and engineering settings. The working environments for electrical engineering technologists can vary greatly, but some of the most common position locations include power stations, research facilities and workshops.

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