What College Life is Like in GCU’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology

By Jessica Meyer

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Have you ever wondered what college life is like as a student enrolled in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Grand Canyon University? Keep reading to learn about our STEM programs and what you can expect when attending GCU.

STEM Programs

As a student enrolled in one of GCU’s STEM programs, you will be provided with a valuable educational experience, with advanced and innovative curriculum that was designed with input from industry experts. Your STEM program will prepare you to compete for a career in the fields of science, engineering and technology. Throughout your program, you develop necessary traits such as adaptability, collaboration, creativity and ethical and social awareness.

In addition, you will receive mentorship from GCU’s experienced faculty and staff, whether you study online or on campus. The goal of GCU’s faculty is to align their teachings with modern trends and evolving market needs of our society. Ultimately, GCU’s STEM programs prepare you to enter the workforce with confidence in your knowledge and abilities.

Campus Life

When you imagine what college life is like, do you imagine going to sporting events, plays and community socials when you are not in class studying your favorite subjects? That is exactly what the GCU campus experience is like for students!

At Grand Canyon University, if you are not engaged in an intriguing class discussion or participating in a lab, then you have the opportunity to participate in exciting extracurricular activities. Cheer on GCU’s basketball team and join the enthusiastic Havocs, or play your favorite sport by signing up for an intramural team. As a student at GCU, you can also attend performing arts events free of charge!

Christian Values

When you become a student at Grand Canyon University, you become immersed in the uplifting and encouraging environment of a premier, private Christian college. GCU is an interdenominational university that is committed to Christian beliefs, values and practices.

As a result, you have the opportunity to attend Chapel or join a Bible study to keep your faith strong while you study. Whether you decide to pursue a degree in forensic science, an exercise science degree or an engineering degree, you will be able to build a bond with your peers.

If you are interested in what college life is like at Grand Canyon University as a STEM major, then visit our website or contact us using the Request More Information button at the top of the page for more information!

Written by Jessica Meyer, a senior earning a marketing degree at GCU.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.

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