10 Bucket List Items That Every GCU Student Needs to Accomplish Before Graduating

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There are many things to do here at Grand Canyon University and some things are more famous than others. We have accumulated the fan favorites and made a list of the must-do items here at GCU! How many have you checked off your bucket list?

1. Take a photo in front of a brick wall.

Do you even go to Grand Canyon University if you haven’t taken a picture in front of one of the brick walls on campus? It’s a classic photo that every lope must have.

2. Take a photo with Thunder.

If you didn’t already know, Thunder is GCU’s mascot and the life of every basketball game. You can often find him walking around campus, giving out high fives and posing for photos. Your mom would be overjoyed to receive a text of you and Thunder.

3. Camp out for a basketball game.

Basketball games are no joke to us Lopes. Often, you will find a line of tents outside of the arena the night before a game. Sometimes students camp out two days in advance for the really big games.

4. Put a ‘Lopes Up’ sticker on your Hydroflask.

A common accessory around campus is to see students carrying around a Hydroflask decorated in stickers. It may be because of the Arizona heat or just the fact that it’s cute, but regardless, it is something you definitely should invest in. They both can be found at The Lopes Shop in front of the Union.

5. Go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, only to realize it’s Sunday.

We have all been there. We just get home from church and are craving a good chicken sandwich and waffle fries, just to realize that it is Sunday and Chick-Fil-A isn’t open. It will happen multiple times and when it is right on campus, when are you not craving it?

6. Go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon.

No, GCU is not located in the Grand Canyon, but it’s pretty darn close. Just a few hours away is one of God’s beautiful creations. Take advantage of it and bond with your friends with a trip up north. It’s cooler up there too.

7. Try every taco shop in Phoenix.

Phoenix is known for their delicious and authentic tacos. Make it a goal for your college years to try every taco shop in the city. Each shop offers something special and is great for an Instagram photo op.

8. Go to every coffee shop in town.

Phoenix is also a great place to try some incredible coffee and find great spots to study. From Grand Canyon Beverage Company to Giant Coffee, there are a lot of drinks to try and places to go.

9. Pay for someone’s lunch with your dining dollars.

Pay ahead and make someone’s day. Do this at the end of the year for someone who is out of dining dollars and they will truly be grateful.

10. Have a photoshoot with your friends at the top of the parking lot.

Grab your photographer friends and have some fun at the top of the parking garage. Take some silly pictures, some serious photos, and group pictures. You will treasure these memories forever.

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