#AskGCU: What Do I Do if I Lose My Student ID?

GCU's campus

This week on #AskGCU, Julian Oliver answers the question: I lost my student ID, what do I do?

To demonstrate what you should do, the #AskGCU crew hid Oliver’s ID and made him look for it on campus. The first thing he did was retrace his steps and check out the food places. He stopped at Chick-fil-A and asked if they had it, and although they did not, they said they usually “put it in a safe, and Public Safety takes it.”

This led Oliver to the Department of Public Safety, located in the Halo Parking Garage. Public Safety did not find it and told him to “head over to Building 18 and they will hook you up.”

When Oliver got to Building 18, he spoke to a representative regarding what to do when you lose your student ID. “If you lose your ID, all you have to do is come to Building 18, talk to the front desk and let them know you lost your ID.” There, you immediately get a new one. It’s $10, no wait time and extremely easy.

So, what do you do if you lose your GCU student ID? First, retrace your steps around campus. Then, check Public Safety to see if it has been turned in. If it hasn’t, go to Building 18 and get a new one printed for a $10.

Watch the full #AskGCU video here:

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The #AskGCU video above states the location to get new student IDs is Canyon Hall. However, the location has since changed to Building 18.

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