Best Study Spots on GCU’s Campus

Students in a study room

No matter what degree you are pursuing, it is important to be efficient at studying and completing homework. On-campus students, luckily, have a wide range of areas on GCU’s campus that are perfect for working alone or as a group.

Ideal Study Spot

What makes an ideal study space really depends on the person and their preferences. Some people prefer the quiet when working on a mentally-challenging project, such as writing an essay. Other students prefer to multitask while studying. It is up to you to decide what elements are most conducive for your learning style.

The GCU Library

A classic study spot worth considering is the GCU Library, located on floors three and four of the Student Union. These spaces are nice and quiet with plenty of comfortable seating available with great views of campus. You also have access to several printers to print out necessary documents. They have multiple computers to do research as well. 

It is worth noting that there are study rooms students can reserve on the GCU Library website. These rooms are excellent for recording presentations with groups since they block outside noises. It is recommended to reserve your space beforehand.

Classroom Hallways

In between your classes, you can work at tables and armchairs located in the hallways of classroom buildings. As the day goes on and there are fewer lectures, these spaces are quieter. This benefits students since the buildings have good Wi-Fi and air conditioning to be comfortable while writing or editing.

If you want to be outdoors, work alone and enjoy scenery, then consider the tables outside these floors. Metal tables are located outside for seating and tend to be underused when students are not waiting for classes. For example, the engineering building has four stories and tables outside on each floor. If you go to the northern side of the building, you can have a great view of the soccer field and the Grove residence halls in the distance. If you use the tables on the eastern side, you can get a view the Student Union and the Prescott Field.

Study Rooms

More study rooms similar to those in the library are located in various buildings throughout GCU. Many classroom buildings and dorms have spaces with whiteboards and tables to help tutor or just visualize complex ideas from your lessons. These spaces are widely used by staff and students alike and do not require a reservation. They may not always be available, so it is good to have a backup plan just in case.


There are several great, grass fields on campus to relax and do assignments. Many students tend to enjoy laying in a hammock or bringing a picnic blanket to lay on. Some fields, such as the Quad, have tables and benches as well. If you enjoy being outdoors, then you should consider grabbing some friends and finishing up your projects under some nice shade.


If you want to be more social as you work through assignments, then GCBC is the best choice. The Grand Canyon Beverage Company is a coffee shop chain run by GCU offering different seasonal drinks. Having locations at the Roadrunner apartments, the Diamondback apartments, Student Union and the GCU Hotel, there is a wide selection of beverages to pick from to fuel your work ethic. Seating at GCBC in the Student Union is especially noteworthy since it provides great atmosphere for casual hangouts.

North Rim

North Rim has picnic tables that can be a good workplace. Just across from Lopes Way, you can grab lunch or dinner and enjoy a great meal as you finish assignments. The atmosphere is calm and enjoyable.

What to Bring When Studying

It is always a good idea to have spare paper on hand wherever you go. Notebooks and binders that are equipped with tabs can help you keep organized notes for each class. Highlighters are also great to have with you to call out the important details.

When you are using a laptop, it is a good idea to have a mouse for easier navigation than a trackpad. A laptop bag might be worth considering if you want something other than a backpack to carry your items.

Grand Canyon University is invested in your educational experience and wishes its students to succeed. No matter what program you’re pursuing, GCU offers a lively campus for students to work and enjoy the college life. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.