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At Grand Canyon University, we understand that selecting a major is a huge and sometimes stressful decision. That’s why our team at the Office of Career Services is here to help you select a major that will put you on the right path toward achieving all your future career goals.

Current GCU students stressed about declaring a major or those wondering what to do with that major once they graduate are encouraged to “FOCUS.” FOCUS-2 is an online self-assessment tool available through Career Services. This interactive tool helps to determine your interests, values, preferences and skills through self-discovery, reflection and career exploration. Based on your results, it provides you with suggested career paths so you can narrow down a major and focus on college and beyond.

FOCUS can be used to:

  • Examine career and educational goals, academic strengths, career planning status and personal development needs
  • Assess career readiness measures in the following areas:
    • Career and educational goals
    • Academic strengths
    • Career and educational accomplishments
    • Career planning status
    • Personal development needs
  • Assess your interests, values, skills, personality and leisure preferences utilizing the following self-assessments:
    • Work Interest Assessment
    • Personality Assessment
    • Skills Assessment
    • Values Assessment
    • Leisure Interest Assessment
  • Explore detailed information on 1200+ different careers
  • Narrow down your occupational and educational choices
  • Search careers by occupation name or industry area

For more information about GCU Career Services as well as the majors and programs at GCU, visit our website or request more information using the button at the top of the page. 

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