The GCU Transfer Student Experience

Posted on November 13, 2017  in  [ GCU Experience ]

Are you considering transferring to GCU? Are you interested in testimonials from transfer students and more information on the process? Watch how two current students described their transfer experience to GCU. Both David Lemus and Kylie Burkholder transferred to finish their undergraduate degree because they fell in love with GCU.

David describes how he was introduced to the campus through Discover GCU, where he was able to tour, spend the night and experience campus events. Through this process he fell in love with not only the campus, but the people as well. His experience affirmed that GCU would be a good place to call home for the last two years of his degree. The application and transfer process went seamlessly, as David explains, because his counselor did a great job asking the right questions and retrieving the right documentation, which made the transfer fast and easy.

Kylie discusses how after her visit to campus during Welcome Week, she also fell in love with GCU. The atmosphere was distinguishably different from her current university, especially in watching how students interacted with each other. This made Kylie want to share and be a part of the campus community. So, she applied and began the transfer process!

Watch more of David and Kylie’s stories here:

Grand Canyon University is home to thousands of students in the heart of Phoenix. To learn more about the transfer process or to visit campus, visit our website or use the Request More Information button on this page.

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Breanna Alverson

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Breanna Alverson is a senior at Grand Canyon University, currently completing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in marketing.
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