Honors College Banquet: A Time to Honor the Best of the Best

By S. Jordan Montgomery
Electrical Engineering Major, Honors College

GCU honors students at the banquet

By Gabriela Marrama
Advertising and Public Relations Major, Honors College

“I hope all of you have big dreams and goals for what you hope to accomplish someday. And if those dreams don’t scare you a little, you’re probably not dreaming big enough.”

Brittany Holen, an Honors College alumna, had the opportunity to be the first ever honors alumni speaker at the 3rd annual Honors College Banquet. Holen eloquently put into words the drive and determination that all Honors College students experience when chasing their dreams.

The Honors College Banquet is a time to celebrate those honors students who go above and beyond expectations and turn their dreams into a reality.

Cathleen Daly, a senior studying communications, is one of many honors students who pressed on throughout her time at GCU and turned her passions into opportunities.

“Joining the Honors College has been one of the best decisions I have made in my college career,” Daly said. “I think back to when I first heard of the Honors College and how I was so intimidated by the name – and now I can’t imagine where I would be had I not decided to become an honors student.”

Throughout her time at GCU, Daly has worked for the Honors College on the marketing and public relations team. She interned on Senator John McCain’s campaign. She is currently a resident assistant and is one of the students who launched the AIM Talk Show last summer. In her most recent semester, Daly has been an intern for the Arizona State Legislature.

Accomplished, Talented and Seasoned

Daly walked across the stage that night as the recipient of the Outstanding Senior of the Year Award.

“I was just honored to have been listed as a nominee along with the other incredible seniors who were nominated as well and have accomplished so much in such a short time here at GCU,” Daly said. “Then to win was an entirely surreal and humbling experience. It really helped reaffirm that my hard work was paying off and that the times that I have found myself overwhelmed trying to balance pursuing opportunities and working multiple jobs while being a full-time student and in campus leadership, have been totally worth every second.”

Daly accomplished what Holen challenges us all to do: Take your dreams and chase them. “Find something that challenges you. Find someone who charges you. Find somewhere to cultivate you. Find some way to celebrate those around you.”

Make the most of your college experience and do it the honors way!

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More about the Authors:

Jordan Montgomery is a sophomore in the Honors College at Grand Canyon University. She is majoring in electrical engineering and hopes to get her master’s degree in either business or engineering. When she graduates, she hopes to work as a chief operating officer for an engineering company. In the meantime, Jordan works for marketing and PR, and as a facilitator for the Engineering Retention Program in the Honors College. In her spare time, Jordan enjoys reading, hiking mountains and traveling around the world.

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Gabriela Marrama is a senior in the Honors College at Grand Canyon University. She is an advertising and public relations major and hopes to continue her education and receive a master’s degree in either business or communications. She has a passion for people and enjoys creating community, which is why Gabriela hopes to one day work in the student engagement department at the university level. Gabriela serves as the lead marketing intern for the Honors College as well as the administrative vice president on ASGCU. In her spare time, she enjoys intramural sports, playing board games and eating Chick-fil-a.

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