What is an Honors College?

honors students raising their hands in class

Academically talented students are often on the lookout for a college experience that’s equal parts challenging and rewarding. If you’d like to join a closely-knit community and get involved in numerous opportunities to enrich your college years, learn more about why joining an honors college may be the right choice for you.

What Is an Honors College?

Many public and private universities are home to autonomous honors colleges that operate separate from colleges of arts, science or business. These honors colleges typically have larger enrollment numbers than honors programs, which usually do not have their own physical facilities. Since these colleges are multidisciplinary, their student body tends to reflect the diverse student population of their home university, with all members united by a shared passion for achievement.

Academically, honors colleges may offer separate or additional curriculum to provide an academically enriching environment for their students. Other resources may include a dedicated honors staff and exclusive access to honors events that range from socials and networking events to award ceremonies and international trips.

How to Get Into an Honors College

Students are typically admitted to an honors college and awarded honors-specific scholarships based on academic achievement, which can be measured by high school GPAs or standardized test scores, such as the ACT and SAT. Some of the more selective colleges may require a personal essay or an interview.

The Benefits of Joining an Honors College

While the specifics differ between schools, joining an honors college can give students access to a wider array of scholarships, opportunities for research and international travel, experiential learning, designated honors housing and clubs, increased faculty attention and smaller class sizes. Honors courses and addendums to general courses provide students with even more academic enrichment and allow them to meet likeminded students. Honors students also receive a special designation upon graduating, sometimes in the form of a seal on their diploma or an annotation on their transcript.

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