Honors Student Spotlight: Samuel Echeverria

By Jordan Montgomery

A worship concert

Have you ever wondered what God has planned for your life? Most students on the Grand Canyon University campus have probably asked themselves this question at least once, if not more.

What is His plan for me?

Where does God want me to go?

What does He want me to do?

Many of us are like blind mice running around stressing out over what to do with our lives, when all it takes to find the answer is to listen and look at what abilities God has given us.

Samuel Echeverria is a sophomore here at GCU earning a Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Worship Ministry. “I really realized I had a gift for music and leading when I first was brought on the worship team at Pantano Christian Church,” Echeverria explained. “After that I have tried to be obedient to what God had planned for me, and He has opened several doors.”

Echeverria realized the ability God had given him was music. He decided to develop this gift by continuing to be involved and part of the worship team at Pantano for several years. God opens many doors for us; however, most times we are too busy or blind to see it. Samuel saw what God was doing for him, so he grabbed onto it and let God lead him.

“I then got the opportunity to come back to the church and work for them on staff,” Echeverria said. “I had the chance to oversee the entire student worship team and got to mentor kids and lead the congregation. It was an amazing experience and incredibly humbling.”

Amazing things happen when you listen to God. “I always felt some tug toward ministry and really the summer before going into college is when God completely changed my life and told me He wanted me to be in ministry,” he said.”

Not all of us are able to listen and hear what God is calling us to do. Life gets busy, schedules are hectic and our world is stressful. Sometimes you just need to shut yourself out from the world and listen. Maybe it is time to think, “I have been blessed with these gifts, how can I use them to help and grow the Kingdom of God?”

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