How do Employers View Online Degrees?

By Jessica Meyer

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Marketing Major, Colangelo College of Business

Online degrees are becoming increasingly common in today’s world. With the flexibility and convenience they provide, it is no wonder students decide to earn their college degree in an online format. However, if you are considering an online degree, you may have some questions about how they are perceived by others, especially potential employers.

So, how do employers view online degrees? Here are some things to consider when it comes to the perception of your online degree:

Earning the Right Degree for You

Due to the increased popularity of online degrees, they are becoming more accepted in the workplace. Rather than focusing on the format in which an applicant earned their education, employers tend to be more concerned with the kind of degree and GPA the student earned. In fact, many employers do not ask how the individual earned their degree. Rather, they are more interested in what the individual gained from the degree and how their newly gained skills can be applied to their career.

Earning a Degree from an Accredited Institution

While employers may not be concerned with how a potential candidate earned their degree, they are often interested in where the degree was earned from. For this reason, it is important to earn your degree from an accredited institution. Accreditation ensures quality as well as continuous institutional program improvement.

In order to become accredited, institutions must meet a specific set of required guidelines. For this reason, students can find comfort in knowing the work they put into earning their degree is worthwhile. In addition, more well-known universities are offering individual courses, as well as entire degree programs online.

Earning a Degree at Your Convenience

There are many benefits to earning a degree online. For example, completing a degree online can showcase several positive qualities in regards to your work ethic, such as good time management skills, motivation, discipline, perseverance and independence.

While online degrees are convenient, they require hard work and dedication. Even though hours are not spent in the classroom, online students must arrange their priorities and devote time to their coursework. Individuals often choose to pursue online degrees due to their busy schedule, so finding time to do classwork shows self-discipline.

In the end, completing an online degree shows potential employers you are willing to work hard and do what it takes to achieve your goals and succeed in your career.

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