How the Office of Internships Can Help Honors Students

Honors student shaking teacher's hand

Every Grand Canyon University Honors College student has had their eye on an exclusive internship at some point during their college career. Most students, however, are not aware of all of the free resources GCU, and specifically the Honors College, has to offer their students.

The location of the Office of Internships near the Honors College is no accident, as its members are some of the students that are the most likely to be involved in a search for internships. It is important to take advantage of the resources offered at GCU through the Honors College, such as visiting Career Connections online or setting up an appointment with Director of Internships Marquis Scott, whose office is located in room 1-221B.

Damin Pilon

One of the student workers in the Office of Internship, Damin Pilon, says the Honors College “offers more hands-on opportunities for working one-on-one with staff and business professionals to prepare me for a future career once I graduate.” He recently got an internship with Price Kong, an accounting firm in Phoenix. He says that he was prepared for the internship because, “in my interview with Price Kong, I expressed my experiences in the Honors College which have prepared me for the real world.”

Consider these steps to help Honors College students to secure an internship:

  1. Get involved
  2. Gain experience
  3. Make your name known
  4. Manage your time wisely
  5. Use your resources

To learn more about the Office of Internships and how the Honors College at GCU prepares students for their future careers, visit our website or use the Request More Information button on this page.

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