Individual Course Spotlight: Media Law and Ethics


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Among our online options is a wide selection of single courses. These courses allow students to grow their expertise or pursue their passion without committing to a degree program. Our individual course catalog includes a broad range of advertising options, including our Media Law and Ethics course.

ADV-340: Media Law and Ethics

This course provides students with an overview of the regulations and laws that apply to marketing, advertising and media organizations. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on the topics of intellectual property, regulatory processes and business organization. This course’s curriculum also explores ethical theory and practices and how these apply to the mass media industry. This is a writing intensive course. Students in the Media Law and Ethics course are responsible for supplying their own laptop or computer that can run Adobe Creative Cloud.

In today’s age of globalization and online interaction, media law and ethics plays an important role in the area of advertising. If you’re interested in a career in advertising, telecommunications, broadcasting, media services or marketing, then you may benefit from enrolling in this course.

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