It’s a Disney Dream Come True for These Honors Students!

By Cathleen Daly

minnie and mickey mouse

It is the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland!

It is a dream to visit, but can you imagine having the opportunity to spend a whole eight months living at the park? This dream came true for Grand Canyon University Honors College students Amy Ortiz and Kendra Ornoski.

The Disney College program is a highly competitive program for college students. They are provided with the opportunity to live, learn and work at the Disney Parks through participating in exclusive mentorship opportunities, college classes and career workshops.

The purpose of the program is to provide challenging, diverse and unique work and education experiences while developing a college student’s skills in the areas of customer service, leadership and teamwork as a Disney cast member.

Both juniors and honors students, Ornoski and Ortiz were standouts in their applications and were accepted into the program because of their open personalities, strong work ethics, positive outlooks and huge hearts for all things Disney.

Ornoski stated, “I love Disney, and it has always had a special place in my heart.”

Ortiz agreed, “Disney has been a passion of mine for years. I just cannot imagine myself doing anything else with my life.”

Ortiz, who is a communications major, sees the Disney College program as another door opening to a company that she hopes to work with professionally after college as a Disney ambassador. “The best way to get hired with the company is to get as much experience with them as I possibly can.”

Ornoski who is a primary and secondary education major believes that the Disney College program will help her to continue to grow in her people skills. Her plans after college are to pursue teaching and maybe work with Disney again, too. “Their standards will give me a stronger work ethic and stronger communication skills. If God does have it in His plans for me [to work with Disney again], then I will definitely take that plan.”

Ortiz and Ornoski have some advice for those interested in applying:

“Go for it. Don’t let the fear of not getting in, hold you back – always have hope, be positive, be confident. Say, ‘I want this,’” Ornoski stated.

Ortiz also emphasized confidence, “You need to believe in your abilities and yourself. You need to embrace who you are. When you do that, the Disney company will see that. Get excited. Show them you care.

“Keep moving forward. [Ornoski interjects, ‘Oh, that is a Disney quote!’]

“Really believe in yourself. Really believe that you can open new doors and do new things. Really believe that there is always something to do out there. Never ever lose sight of that dream. Remember to set goals for yourself. You can have a dream, but if you do not set goals, you cannot really hit that dream.”

We congratulate Ortiz and Ornoski on this great opportunity! The Honors College and Grand Canyon University are so proud of both of you and look forward to hearing about your experience with the program! Have a magical time, and keep dreaming big!

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