Preparing for Summer Jobs and Internships

business woman carrying briefcase

It is never too early to start thinking about applying for a summer job or internship. Summer jobs and internships are good for helping you build your resume to help you get the best job you can get once you graduate from college. It is best to get all of the experience that you can possibly get to prepare yourself for a full time job after you graduate. Here are some things you can do to start looking into jobs and internships for the summer.

Start Early

Start looking online or around the area you will be living in over the summer for potential jobs or internships in the areas that interest you the most. Once you find something that interests you, apply as soon as you can. If you wait too long, the position could get filled, which then puts you back to square one.

Apply Online

There are multiple online platforms that you can choose from that will help you find job openings and internships in the field and area that you are interested in. Some of the online platforms that you can use to help you find a job or internship are, Indeed, SnagAJob, CareerOneStop and ZipRecruiter.

Update Your Resume

Before you start applying, make sure that your resume is up to date. Get rid of any old information that may not be useful to a new job or internship. Also, make sure to update any other recent jobs or internships that you have done since you last filled out your resume.

Polish Your Skills

Before you submit your application and start the interview processes, visit the GCU Academic and Career Excellence (ACE) Center. They can help you look over and update your resume, help you with interview skills, and explore your career options.

It is never too early to start looking for new job and internship opportunities, so why not start now?

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