Types of Part-Time Jobs for College Students

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College is an important investment in your future. It can open doors to professional opportunities and help shape your character. However, it’s no secret that college is expensive, and even with a robust financial aid package, you may find yourself searching for part-time student jobs.

Here, we’ll take a look at some examples of part-time jobs for college students, as well as the benefits of working your way through college.

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Benefits of Working in College

For many students, working in college is a necessity, as it provides a way to pay for everyday living expenses. Yet, even if you don’t necessarily need to work in college to pay your bills, you may still want to look for a part-time job. Student workers can often look forward to benefits such as the following:1 

  • Networking opportunities, particularly if you find a position that aligns with your major 
  • Work experience 
  • Practice conducting yourself in a professional manner 
  • Further development of time management and organizational skills 
  • Development of transferable skills, including communication, collaboration and teamwork

In-Person Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Many part-time student jobs require an in-person presence; that is, they cannot be completed remotely via computer. These jobs can be ideal for you if you have reliable transportation and are willing to commute away from campus. In some cases, you may even be able to find a part-time job on campus.

1. Tutor 

One example of part-time jobs for college students is tutoring. Tutoring may be a natural fit for you if you tend to earn high grades and/or achieved high scores on your standardized college entrance exams. It can also be an ideal job for students who can explain concepts in simple terms to enhance understanding.

One of the jobs available to you may be to work as an on-campus tutor, helping your fellow college students master skills such as essay writing or mathematics. Otherwise, look for tutoring agencies in your area that may be hiring.

If you’re a campus student at Grand Canyon University, you can refer to the Career Connections digital job board where there are quite a few organizations seeking to hire tutors, ambassadors and more. You can also meet with a career advisor or LEAD to discuss part-time job options if you need assistance. Your faculty is also very knowledgeable and can be an incredible resource as well.

2. Circulation Assistant

A circulation assistant works at the circulation desk of a library (either a public library or a campus library). They check books in and out, help patrons register for a new library account and answer questions. They may also help patrons locate the library materials they’re looking for and use equipment, such as microfilm readers.

If you have a passion for all things books, then working in a library may be particularly appealing to you. A related library position is that of a page or shelver. This worker is responsible for returning checked-in materials to their proper places.

3. Administrative Assistant

All types of businesses rely on administrative assistants to provide customer service. As an administrative assistant, you would answer phone calls, respond to customer inquiries, schedule appointments and maintain office records. You may also be asked to write and/or edit correspondence and documents. You might enjoy this type of job if you are great at organization and paying attention to details.

4. Barista

A barista works at a coffee shop or café. They are responsible for taking customer orders and preparing hot beverages according to customer preferences. Baristas are also responsible for ensuring the café’s cleanliness. This type of part-time student job may be an ideal fit for someone who is friendly and outgoing, and enjoys working with people. For students wanting to stay closer to campus, look into jobs at Grand Canyon Beverage Company (GCBC).

5. Restaurant Server

Many college students work in restaurants, either as servers or in the back preparing food. If you have a friendly demeanor and excellent interpersonal skills (and don't mind long hours on your feet), this could be a good opportunity for you. As a server, you'll be able to earn tips in addition to your base wage.

Remote Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Many college students enjoy remote work opportunities, which eliminate the need for a car. You'll also save time since you won't have to commute to work. Plus, many remote work opportunities offer flexible scheduling, so you may be able to fit work into your class schedule more easily.

Some remote work opportunities are on a freelance or contractor basis. This means you will need to track your income carefully and set aside enough money to cover taxes, as taxes may not be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

1. Freelance Blogger

If you have strong written language skills, you might consider getting into freelance blogging. You may have the option of writing for an established website or creating your own website and generating ad revenue. It's often helpful to have a niche, so think about how your past experiences and academic interests may translate to blogging (e.g., if you're a nursing student, consider contributing to a medical or consumer-facing health blog).

2. Remote Tutor

At the beginning of this blog, you’ll find a more complete discussion of tutoring as being one of the examples of part-time jobs for college students. If you’d rather not commute off campus to meet students in person, you may be able to land a job as a virtual tutor. Look for an established tutoring company online that hires tutors to meet with students remotely. 

3. Freelance Web Designer or Graphic Designer

If you’re a computer science, web design or graphic design student, it may make sense to pick up some freelance work in your chosen field. You may be able to find freelance work through a job marketplace website or with marketing and advertising agencies. In addition to earning some extra cash in your spare time, you’ll have opportunities to refine your skills and work toward developing a professional portfolio ahead of graduation. 

 4. Virtual Assistant

Perhaps you have a demanding major, and you need a part-time job that doesn't require too many hours. Consider becoming a virtual assistant on a freelance basis for multiple clients. Virtual assistants can do a variety of tasks, such as scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements and handling email for busy professionals and understaffed offices.

Living on a Budget: Tips for Thriving on a Student Part-Time Job Salary

Even if you land one of these part-time jobs, you’ll undoubtedly want to make your dollars stretch as far as they can. Whether you decide to live on campus or off, you can follow these tips to live more sustainably: 

  • Develop a monthly budget — and stick to it. 
  • Fill out the FAFSA each year to connect to financial aid opportunities. 
  • Continue applying for external scholarships during each year of your college career. 
  • If you live off campus, plan on having roommates to split the rent and utilities with you. 
  • Carry your student ID with you everywhere. You may receive discounts at local stores, restaurants, mass transit providers and other places simply by showing your student ID. 
  • Rent your textbooks or buy used. Shop around online to get the best possible price. 
  • If you live off campus (or on campus but with a less-than-robust meal plan), plan each week’s meals in advance to avoid last-minute splurges on takeout. 
  • Save money on entertainment by attending complimentary events on campus and joining in on extracurricular activities.

In addition, it’s a good idea to shop around and compare prices for every service and product you’re considering purchasing and look for freebies whenever possible. For example, you might consider switching to a less expensive smartphone plan. Instead of buying new clothes to refresh your wardrobe, get together with friends who have similar sizes to do a clothing swap.

Balancing Part-Time Student Jobs and Studies

Embarking on a part-time job during college can mark a pivotal moment in a student's journey, introducing the challenge of harmonizing work commitments with academic responsibilities. Navigating this delicate balance becomes an essential skill set, requiring you to meticulously manage your time and resources. Don’t hesitate to cut back on your shifts if your grades start slipping because you haven’t had enough time for your coursework and studying. The experience of part-time jobs for college students can foster not only financial independence but also cultivate resilience and adaptability.

As you strive to excel both in your studies and part-time endeavors, you’ll find it helpful to learn the art of prioritization and effective time management. Balancing part-time jobs and studies becomes a transformative process, potentially equipping you with invaluable skills that can extend beyond the academic realm and into practical responsibilities.

Navigating Work-Life Balance

When college students embark on the journey of securing a part-time job, they often find themselves navigating the delicate balance between work and life commitments. Juggling academic responsibilities with employment stressors requires a strategic approach to time management. You’ll need to learn to prioritize tasks, set realistic goals and develop effective organizational skills.

The experience can not only enhance your ability to meet professional obligations but may also cultivate a valuable life skill — maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Striking this equilibrium can become a crucial aspect of your personal growth, which can help you both in your studies and part-time endeavors while fostering overall well-being. When you’re a working student, it’s important to always prioritize your studies.

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1 Indeed. (2022, Aug. 17). 8 important benefits of working while you’re a student. Indeed. Retrieved Jan. 25, 2024.

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