Why Every Artist Should Have a Blog

By Lily Cooper
Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Female food blogger using laptop and working from home

Everything is on the internet these days. It is a great way to market and sell products as well as establish yourself on the internet. While blogging is a saturated market, it is a great way for artists to connect to their audience and show who they are online.


Whether you are a painter, actor, photographer or graphic designer, having a strong internet presence is great for connecting with others and showcasing who you are and what you are about.

Check out these reasons on why artists should start a blog and market themselves online:

Showcase Who You Are

People love to be personable. It is what helps distinguish each other and when buying from someone or working with a person, it is important to know the person behind the screen. When a client looks up a photographer for their wedding, they want to get to know their personality and to do so they look through their website and scroll through their blog. This goes with many other artists and niches.

A blog is a perfect place to showcase your humor and personality and shine through words and images.

Give Advice to Other Creatives

Other people working in the art industry are always looking up how to better their craft. If you have learned something useful and want to share it with others, don’t hesitate to do so in a blog post. It will allow you to share your knowledge as well as establish yourself online.

Connect With Other Creatives and Collaborate

Connecting with other creatives is important when blogging and will not only help you make life-long friends but is also a great way to network to others. You never know who you may meet that will make a great collaborator or partnership in a business.

Comment and talk to other blogs online and encourage them. We are all artists trying to achieve our dreams and it is important to lift each other as we do so.

Share What Inspires You

This is your blog for your niche, therefore, you can make it how you want. Share what inspires you with a blog post about a quote your mom would always say to you or a story on how you got into what you do. The more personal, the more personality that shines through. People love authenticity and being able to think of a person when they are reading a blog, rather than just read.

Show Your Process

How do you come up with ideas? What do you do when you’re in a funk? What do you do from start to finish when creating? These are some of the things you can show on your blog. People are curious in the process and either just wants to see how you think or how they can develop their craft.

Share a post on it with a time lapse of you doing what you do set to good music or write from your heart on why you work that certain way. It will inspire other people and show clients that you know what you’re doing.

No matter what kind of creative you are: a painter, photographer, filmmaker, etc. having a blog on your website can be very beneficial for gaining an audience and maintaining a social presence as an artist.

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