You Know You are a GCU Student When…

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At Grand Canyon University, a campus culture has formed among students who know and love the school. With everything that makes GCU stand out from other institutions, the college experience for GCU students is very unique.

Here are some things that indicate you are a GCU student!

You Know the Sound of Construction

Throughout its history, GCU has made significant changes to its campus. Additions such as new residence halls, dining options and classroom buildings have attracted more students and created a vibrant campus life. As GCU continues to make changes to its campus, students who live on campus have become pretty familiar with the sound of construction. However, the construction is an indicator of the exciting things that are to come to come!

You Have the Opportunity to Pray in Class

GCU is a Christian college with a biblically rooted mission. As a result, GCU has a vibrant Christian community where students and staff can openly express their faith. In the classroom, it is not uncommon to come across a teacher who prays for you before taking an exam or for you to have the opportunity to pray and discuss course content from a Christian perspective.

You Look Forward to Mondays

While many college students dread Mondays, GCU students look forward to Monday mornings because they have the opportunity to attend Chapel! Students and staff come together in the GCU Arena to worship and hear messages given by speakers from churches around the Phoenix area. What a way to kick off the week!

You Try to Use Dining Dollars off Campus

There are many delicious dining options at GCU. Whether it be Chick-fil-a, Einstein’s Bros. Bagels, Qdoba or Jamba Juice, students can find something to satisfy every craving! GCU offers meal plans that allow students to load Dining Dollars onto their campus ID, so they can easily take advantage of the wide variety of on-campus dining facilities. Be careful though – your student ID will only allow you to purchase food on campus! You might receive a strange look when you accidentally try to swipe your ID at a restaurant off-campus…

Your Closet is Full of Purple

At GCU, there are plenty of sporting events, community events and class events where free T-shirts are given away to participating students. Not to mention, the Lope Team Shop is continuously releasing new GCU merchandise, and it’s so hard to pass up on their great deals! Who wouldn’t want GCU themed socks, hats, sweats and hoodies? With that said, you’ve most likely acquired quite a few purple items during your time on campus.

You Say Hi to People Walking Across Campus

Between starting your GCU experience at Discover GCU, attending classes with 30 students or less and attending numerous events around campus, you’ve built more close friendships and connections than you ever would’ve imagined. With GCU’s warm and welcoming community, you start to feel like you know everyone in your class or major. Therefore, you cannot walk across campus without seeing one of your best friends!

You Count Down the Days until Basketball Season

GCU’s basketball team has a reputation of continuously rising to the top. You always look forward to being a part of their amazing energy and team victories. The environment within the GCU Arena is mesmerizing. The Havocs’ school spirit is off the wall, the dancers’ routines are unforgettable and the cheerleaders’ stunts shock you every time. It’s an experience unlike any other, and you look forward to cheering on your team each and every season.

As Arizona’s premier private Christian university, Grand Canyon University is a great place to earn a college education. To learn more about all GCU has to offer, visit our website today!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.

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