How Much Does an RN to BSN Cost?

By Courtney Johnson

RN to BSN student completing online nursing degree

Registered nurses (RNs) are a foundational part of the healthcare system. For RNs with an associate degree or diploma in nursing, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) may feel like the natural next step to take if you’re considering going back to school.

There are many reasons to pursue a BSN. In addition to increased job opportunities, furthering your education may mean a pay increase and greater responsibility, advancing your professional trajectory. However, the time commitment and cost of tuition involved in going back to school can seem overwhelming.

Understand Your Cost of Tuition and Fees for Nursing School

As a working professional, enrolling in an accelerated program like an RN-BSN program is a great option, since it's designed for working professionals. You can pursue your degree while actively working and can apply the new knowledge you learn to your practice as a nurse. RN to BSN programs aim to apply the knowledge you already have as a current RN and expand it, so you can explore higher-level positions and make a greater impact in the community and in your discipline.

When making the decision to pursue a BSN, there are many factors to consider. For example, when considering the total cost of RN to BSN programs. you should look at the various program-specific factors that may affect the cost, including:

  • Base tuition cost
  • Additional university fees
  • Technology costs
  • Transportation costs (if applicable)
  • Cost of additional credits (if needed)

Different universities may also have different requirements when it comes to GPA, specific prerequisite courses and the number of transferrable credits needed to be eligible for admission into an RN to BSN program, which should also be considered.

Find a High Quality and Low-Cost RN to BSN Program

The cost of RN to BSN programs can vary greatly from school to school. The RN to BSN cost may be dependent on different factors, including whether the university is public or private, where the university is located or whether the program is offered online or on campus.

One benefit of RN to BSN programs is that they allow you to continue to work as an RN while completing the program, potentially lessening the financial burden that can ensue when attending a program that requires a full-time commitment. When the RN to BSN cost for different programs falls in a similar range, deciding on which program to pursue can become more difficult. It may also become more challenging to recognize the differences between the programs and ultimately make your choice.

When looking for affordable RN to BSN online programs, it’s important to weigh the cost of tuition with other factors characteristic of a quality program. These factors may influence the quality of education you receive and the type of experience you have throughout your BSN program. Some important things to consider are:

  • University or college accreditation
  • Nursing program accreditation
  • Different formats offered (online vs. in person)
  • Academic and enrollment support offered to students
  • Time frame for completion

Reviewing how your potential programs rank in each of these categories is a great place to start when looking for your ideal, low-cost program. This way, you can compare the most important aspects of the program and make an informed decision that falls in line with your needs and with your budget.

GCU’s Commitment to Affordable Education

There is a lot to consider regarding the cost of tuition when searching for the best university for you. Starting, or continuing, your educational journey can no doubt be expensive.

At GCU, we understand how important time and costs savings is, particularly for working professionals. With this is mind, our affordable RN to BSN program is an option for current RNs. The GCU RN to BSN program has a rate of $340 per credit, making it 30% lower than our previous RN to BSN cost. Along with base tuition, students should also consider other fees associated with pursuing a nursing degree.

As part of our commitment to providing affordable education, GCU has not increased campus tuition in 14 years.1 The decreased the RN to BSN cost falls in line with our initiative of affordable education and aims to offer more RNs the opportunity to further their education.

For additional information on our RN to BSN costs and fees, visit the RN to BSN degree information page.

GCU’s RN to BSN Program is Accredited

Finding an accredited RN to BSN program is imperative when deciding on the right program for you. Proper accreditation assures you that the program you are considering has been evaluated by an objective third party dedicated to the improvement of academic quality and public accountability in education. Graduating from an accredited program also ensures that your current or future employer values the degree you obtained and recognizes its legitimacy.

With the new RN to BSN cost of tuition at GCU comes the same high-quality program. In your RN to BSN program at GCU, you will be working with practicing nurses, experts and other healthcare professionals who are there to teach and support you throughout the program. Our curriculum is designed to instill best practices in nursing and set graduates up to be the leaders of tomorrow.

GCU's RN to BSN is an accredited program, ensuring you receive a quality education with a curriculum that has been analyzed and approved by the experts. For more information on our nursing accreditation, visit our College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Accreditations page.

New Lower RN to BSN Tuition
Only $340 Per Credit2

GCU just lowered the price of our accredited RN to BSN program by 30% to help make college more affordable!

Learn More

Advance Your Nursing Career With an RN to BSN Degree

As previously stated, a main reason why many RNs choose to pursue their BSN degree is to advance their career and opportunities in their field. Once you’ve explored affordable RN to BSN online programs, you can focus on your advancement as a BSN-educated nurse.

In RN to BSN programs, students typically cover a variety of healthcare topics that present them with the additional knowledge needed to continue in their development as a healthcare professional and become a well-rounded RN. Some of the common topics covered are:

  • Leadership in nursing
  • Physical examinations and screenings
  • Application and review of research studies
  • Health promotion issues
  • Societal influences on healthcare

As previously mentioned, GCU offers an affordable RN to BSN online program for current registered nurses who hold an associate degree or diploma in nursing and who wish to broaden their knowledge and further their careers.

For those wishing to pursue their education beyond a BSN, GCU also offers Master of Science in Nursing degrees with various emphases. For more information on these programs, visit our Nursing and Health Care Degree Programs page.

Earn Your RN to BSN Degree Online in Just 12 Months3

Online learning offers the flexibility and convenience of earning your degree in a format that suits adult learners and working professionals. Online RN to BSN programs typically require shorter amounts of time for completion than a traditional BSN program. Many programs can be completed in less than two years, and some even as fast as 12 months.

The GCU RN to BSN cost is not the only attribute that makes our program ideal. Flexibility is another characteristic that makes this program ideal. At GCU, all of the RN to BSN theory practicum is offered online, making it more accessible for current working RNs and adult learners. Also, our RN to BSN format is designed to help you get your degree faster and advance your career sooner. This way, you can earn your RN to BSN degree from GCU in as little as 12 months.3 Here are some key components of GCU’s RN to BSN program:

  • Online learning
  • 5-week classes3
  • Clinical setting of your choice
  • Accelerated format

To summarize above, if you’re looking to get your BSN degree quickly, at an affordable cost of tuition from a high-quality university, our RN to BSN program is a great option.

Pursue an Affordable RN to BSN Online Program at GCU

As previously stated, earning your BSN degree through our affordable RN to BSN online program prepares you to become a leader in the healthcare field. With our 30% RN to BSN cost reduction, we are able to offer the same standard of education with the convenience of obtaining your degree online in as little as 12 months, without missing out on a college community connection experience.3

If you’re not familiar with online learning, you can also explore the many resources that GCU provides you with to support you as you learn. Among these resources are student services counselors, technical help, the GCU library and more. You’ll discover a world of support at your fingertips and can take advantage of a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable GCU community as you pursue your program.

GCU is a Christian university that sets you up for success through providing you with a quality, challenging curriculum from a Christian perspective in which compassion and care are central to who we are. To learn more about how to earn your BSN through our accredited, affordable RN to BSN program at GCU, click on Request Info on the top of your page.


1 2022-23 academic year

2 Cannot be used in conjunction with other GCU scholarships or awards.

3 Must transfer 90 approved semester credits toward the required 120 credits and double coursework twice during the 10-week courses in order to complete the program in 12 months.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.

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