Peter and the Starcatcher: Stage Manager Interview

Peter and the Starcatcher play

Ethington Theatre recently presented Peter and the Starcatcher, a production based on the best-selling children’s book, “Peter and the Starcatchers,” written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. This tale brings the backstory of Peter Pan to life with tons of adventures on high seas and a mysterious island.

However, there is a lot that goes into putting on a theatrical production. While the audience just sees what is on the stage, there are many people backstage that contributes to the show’s success. From the stage managers to designers, every part counts. In fact, this entire production is student-run! We got to speak to stage manager Kaitlyn Johnson and ask her about her position as Stage Manager!

How has working with a cast and crew of all students impacted the show?

Working with a cast and crew of all students impacts the production in terms of the environment during the rehearsal process. Students are eager to learn and ready to do whatever they need do to get the show ready for an audience. We all want to pursue theatre in some way or another, so we all work very hard on and offstage in order to better prepare ourselves for the future.

How does the ability to be a stage manager impact your qualifications for future goals?

Being a stage manager requires leadership skills, the ability to think ahead, communication skills and a large amount of organization. My goal for the future at this point is to be a professional stage manager. However, even if I wanted to go into another field, those useful skills that stage management has helped me cultivate could really apply to a number of different fields.

What is your favorite part of the process of putting the show together?

My favorite part of the production process is definitely first dress. At this point, the show has been blocked, the actors are memorized and all of the design elements are being added. During the first dress, lights, sound, hair and makeup and costumes are present for the first time. This rehearsal is always very satisfying because suddenly you don’t see your friends acting onstage in their school clothes, you see the characters they are portraying. At this point, the magic of live theatre affects everyone involved.

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Written by Lily Cooper, a professional writing major.

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