3 Potential Careers for BA in Dance Education Graduates

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Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in dance education. Offered by the College of Fine Arts and Production and the College of Education, this program’s curriculum is in alignment with National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD) standards and the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium.

Students in this program explore a broad range of topics that provide a global approach to dance education. Some of the competencies that your coursework will help you master include dance pedagogy, advanced dance techniques, classroom engagement and methods for improving flexibility, strength, and endurance. This bachelor’s degree in dance education provides you with training and guidance that prepares you for K-12 teaching certification. Keep reading to learn a few of the careers that this degree can help you pursue:

Dance Instructor

A dance instructor is a teacher who instructs others in one or more styles of dance. These educators may work in settings such as private or public schools, fitness centers, and dance studios. A dance instructor commonly offers basic instruction in essential elements of dance, leads dance classes and provides learners with information about dance history, techniques, and styles.

Dance Studio Manager

A dance studio manager takes care of a dance studio’s daily operations. Some of the responsibilities that a dance studio manager may have include teaching classes, hiring dance instructors, organizing performances, taking care of paperwork, and creating sales and marketing strategies. Dance studio managers might also go on to open their own dance studio.


As a choreographer, you would have the opportunity to express your creativity through the development of dances and performances. These dance professionals create and edit routines and work closely with dancers while instructing them in the execution of these performances.

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