3 Signs You May Enjoy Earning a Dance Education Degree

Ballet teacher leads little girls barre movements

For those who want to help others enjoy the art of dance, Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education degree provides an ideal foundation. This program prepares students to teach dance in private and public school settings. Continue reading to learn what signs mean you might enjoy earning a dance education degree:

You Want a Career in Dance Education

If you’ve decided that a career teaching others the art of dance is right for you, then this is a good indication that you would enjoy completing a degree in dance education. Earning our Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education degree can provide you with the guidance and training needed to pursue a career in a teaching setting.

You Want to Enhance More Than Your Dance Skills

Teaching dance requires skills in areas other than your chosen subject. To effectively pass on the information that learners need, dance instructors can benefit from being great communicators and analytical thinkers. Because of this, GCU’s dance education program is designed to improve the critical thinking and communication skills of its students. While earning this degree, you will also increase your understanding of dance instruction through internships and build skills that can help you succeed as a dance educator.

You Want to Broaden Your Competencies in Dance

When learning how to teach dance to others, there are several abilities that you can expect to learn or strengthen. GCU’s Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education degree, for example, helps students master dance pedagogy, advanced dance techniques and methods of improving strength, endurance and flexibility. Additionally, students in this program develop competencies in modern, jazz, ballet and ensemble performance as well as classroom management and engagement.

Do you think you’d enjoy earning a degree in dance education? If so, then consider Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education program. For more information, please visit our website or use the Request More Information button at the top of this page.

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