4 Qualities of a Good Teacher

By Marjaneh Gilpatrick

teacher helping student

Those who have a passion to make a difference in their world and impact the future, often choose to teach. As teachers, they have the power to influence and guide students. Good teachers are those who embrace the qualities of effective teaching so that their students can become productive and contributing members of society. GCU offers education degrees in areas like elementary education, early childhood education, special education and many more, to prepare you for a successful career in education.

When looking for qualities of a good teacher, it is beneficial to keep in mind what makes teachers effective as well. Here are a few qualities:

Great Communicator

When a teacher is able to convey ideas in ways that are creative, meaningful and comprehensible, students are more likely to be motivated to learn more. That in turn increases the chances that they will read and improve their literacy skills.

Fair and Respectful

Fair teachers treat their students as individuals with distinctive emotional and academic needs. They differentiate their instruction accordingly, and they honor and celebrate their students’ unique cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

High Expectations

Effective teachers communicate their high expectations to their students by explaining the lessons in a clear and concise manner. They encourage dialogue and critical thinking by practicing questioning techniques, and they provide constructive, immediate and continuous feedback on their students’ assignments.

Data-Informed Decision-Makers

Effective teachers use data from their students’ learning to inform the planning and delivery of the lessons. They also refer to the data to help them design appropriate learning experiences as well as authentic assessments to measure the students’ learning.

A bachelor in education may be right for anyone with the drive to be a role model for youth today. To learn more about Grand Canyon University’s College of Education and the variety of education degrees, visit our website.

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