Is Becoming a Math Teacher Right for You?

Man standing in front a chalkboard

Are you fueled by a victorious feeling when the last piece of the puzzle is placed on the table or when the answer on the board matches the one you have written on your paper? If solving problems captures your interest and drives you, consider applying this passion to your future by earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Secondary Education!

As a certified math teacher, you will constantly be presented with new challenges in your career. Each class, student, theory, assignment, and individual equation has its own unique rewards. There is always room for growth, adaptation, and exploration both in mathematics and teaching theories. It is an ever-changing field where you will enter into a cycle of learning about your subject and then passing it on by teaching your students:

Earn Your Math Teacher Degree

Grand Canyon’s Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Secondary Education sharpens your understanding of geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, and prepares you with teaching and classroom management strategies. The program is a joint venture between the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of Education, allowing you to gain the skills you need to earn your secondary education certificate in math and qualify to teach both middle school and high school students. The degree will prepare you with universal critical thinking and mathematics communication skills that can be specifically utilized in teaching.

The program also integrates hands-on practicum hours and student-teacher experiences in order to prepare you for real-world secondary education classrooms. In this way, a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Secondary Education can help you learn everything you need, both in math and instruction, to help you become a highly effective teacher.

Share Your Knowledge with Your Students

After earning your bachelor’s degree and teacher certification, you will be prepared to teach students and share with them all that you have learned. There will be many victories throughout your career as you watch students light up when it finally “makes sense” and experience the same relief and joy of triumphing over a problem as you once did. You will not only grow in the understanding of your subject but will learn new ways of communicating problem-solving strategies to your students. More than merely teaching them to get the right answers to problems, you will also be able to teach students how to think critically, evaluate options and persevere, which will benefit them in all aspects of their lives!

Advance Your Education

After experiencing your own classroom, you may find many more opportunities to learn! Whether through earning a Master of Education or taking continuing education courses, it is important to continue the cycle of lifelong learning. As a math teacher, you will regularly be challenged and rewarded. If this kind of career interests or excites you, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics for secondary education might be the perfect fit for you!

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