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GCU’s Teaching Degree Programs Online Prepare You for a Career in Education

Prepare for a career of learning, leading and serving by earning one of the online teaching degrees from Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) College of Education. Whether you aspire to teach early childhood education, elementary education, high school students or special education, or you want to move into administration, we offer a variety of online education degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to help you reach your goals.  

Build and develop the skills necessary to meet the diverse demands of tomorrow's classrooms or shift into educational leadership roles. With GCU’s online education degrees, you take one class at a time to gain more in-depth learning and to maintain a work-life balance.

Benefits of GCU's Online Education Degrees

GCU’s College of Education has a strong reputation for its prestigious educator preparation programs. Learn about the College of Education Promise and what sets our college apart.

You will find that the tuition rates for online education degree programs at GCU are designed with affordability in mind. GCU also offers continuing education courses for you to take individual courses as a more affordable way to earn graduate credits.

GCU is a member in good standing of the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP), a national accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The programs listed below have been awarded full accreditation by AAQEP through June 30, 2026. Full accreditation acknowledges that a program prepares effective educators who continue to grow as professionals and has demonstrated the commitment and capacity to maintain quality.

Standards adhered to the AAQEP framework includes program performance, growth, practices and improvement.

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Bachelor’s in Education Online Degrees

If you are looking to start your path toward a teaching career, GCU offers a bachelor’s in education online to help get you there. GCU provides accredited degrees in focusing on early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education and special education. As you explore, you’ll see many of our bachelor's in education degrees focus on multiple areas of education as well as include a variety of emphases areas of study. Explore the online bachelor’s degrees from the College of Education below.

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Master’s in Education Online Degrees

Whether you are a current or aspiring educator, a master’s in education online can open doors for your career, introduce new opportunities and foster relationships while increasing your earning potential. GCU offers accredited online teaching degree programs to help you potentially qualify for endorsements, promotions and pay increases within your school or district. If you have a bachelor’s degree in a different field outside of education, a master’s in education online can lead to teaching licensure as you transition into the education field.

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Online Continuing Education Courses

If you are an educator looking to further your knowledge in a specific subject or advance your career, consider taking individual online education courses. These continuing education courses are designed to help you advance your knowledge, while earning credit that may lead to licensure, certificates or endorsements.

FAQ for GCU's Education Degree Programs Online

We've gathered answers to some of the top-searched questions you have regarding online education degrees at GCU.

In GCU's teaching degree programs online, you will take one class at a time while earning your online degree in education, allowing you to maximize learning and build your knowledge base. Your program length will depend on which online degree in education you choose. You may have an opportunity to earn credit through GCU-approved certificates, national exams or transfer credits. Fill out the form on this page to be contacted by an enrollment counselor.

Admission requirements for our education degree programs online will depend on whether you want to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree. If you are a qualified student who is committed and dedicated to learning the art and science of teaching, willing to uphold the university's vision and mission, and open to the possibility of spiritual and intellectual development, you are encouraged to apply. Get more information about your steps to admission.

Education degree programs online or on campus that lead to licensure will include a student teaching or internship experience needed to seek certification. Education degree programs online or on campus that do not lead to licensure may include many of the same courses as a licensure program but do not have the same student teaching or internship requirements. Additionally, most non-licensure education degree programs are designed for teachers who already hold licensure. A program that leads to licensure is ideal for students who are looking to earn their initial teaching license and may already have a bachelor's degree in a non-teaching field. 

As you choose the right degree program for you, it is important to be aware of different certification requirements specific to the state you plan to teach or lead in. 

Seeking to advance your education displays the dedication and commitment you have toward earning a degree and bettering your life and career. GCU’s College of Education degree programs, whether obtained in the online or campus classroom, are aligned to academic standards specific to your program of study. GCU’s education and teaching degrees online also include required field experiences, an important factor in not only fulfilling degree requirements, but also gaining knowledge and understanding in a real-world setting.

Master of Education programs that lead to teacher certification ensure anyone with a passion for education can take the steps to becoming a classroom teacher. GCU's MEd graduates participate in advanced coursework. The topics covered throughout the degree programs prepare students for working with learners from intellectually and culturally diverse backgrounds. Similar to Master of Education programs, Master of Arts and Master of Science in Education programs uniquely qualify candidates to apply advanced theories in specific content areas and instructional methods, typically without leading to teacher certification.

If you are pursuing an accredited online education degree, such as GCU’s teaching degree program online, in-person student teaching is offered and typically required if the online education degree offers a pathway to licensure. GCU’s teaching degree programs online offer a balance of theory and field experience. During your student teaching opportunity, you will learn valuable skills, such as managing and engaging a classroom through pedagogical tools and hands-on practice to prepare you to lead your own classroom.

If seeking licensure or certification, applicants to the program are responsible for contacting their state department of education for licensure requirements and program approval. In addition, fingerprint/background clearance is required.

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