Behind the Blogs: Teaching in Purple

<span>Behind the Blogs: Teaching in Purple</span>
Posted on May 12, 2015  in  [ Teaching & School Administration ]

Teaching in Purple, Grand Canyon University’s newest blog, features posts from current and future educators. Presented by GCU’s College of Education, Teaching in Purple highlights new topics each month and gives educators across Arizona a place to share their voices on what is going on in the education community.

“Our vision for the blog is to reach as many future educators as possible and try to ignite their passion for teaching,” Dr. Gilpatrick says. “You’ll [hear from] really dedicated and committed individuals who are passionate about teaching and about making learning fun, exciting, interesting and relevant.”

Visit GCU College of Education for more information on a career in teaching. 

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Are you a current teacher, future teacher, administrator, paraprofessional, or do you have a passion for the field of education? If so, check out the College of Education “Teaching in Purple” blog and be inspired by educators of all kinds. Peek inside the minds and classrooms of today to shape your own classroom of tomorrow. Come join us and start teaching in purple!

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